Stand Up Rahul Movierulz - Watch: Stand Up Rahul 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightStand Up Rahul Movierulz - Watch: Stand Up Rahul 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Stand Up Rahul Movierulz - Watch: Stand Up Rahul 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz - The movie 'Stand Up Rahul' starring hero Raj Tarun and Varsha Bollamma as a Hero and Heroine. 'Santo Mohan Veeranki' is being introduced as a director. The film was produced by 'Nanda Kumar Abbineni, Bharat Maguluri' under the banner of Dream Town Productions and HiFive Pictures.

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Stand Up Rahul Movierulz About in 3 Movierulz

It’s hard to laugh. It's very difficult to do standup comedy. It is very difficult to convince a film based on standup comedy. Standup comedy is becoming popular in Telugu right now. Lucky Pooja Hegde recently appeared in the role of standup comedian Vaibhav in the film 'Most Eligible Bachelor'. It is known that some people have a similar profession. The film is a sequel to the character, showing the hero as a stand-up comedian. And to what extent did Raj Tarun do justice to that role? Also how far this film is going to do justice to Raj Tarun's career. The original Kathenti?

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Movierulz - Stand Up Rahul Telugu Movie Story - 3 Movierulz

Img Via: Dream Town Productions and HiFive Pictures

Prakash (Murali Sharma) is a film director. His debut film also gets a National Award. But then the movie will not come. Omega continues to do trails though. His wife Indumati (Indraja) is an air hostess. Her husband falls into movie madness and takes his son who has neglected the family and splits up and lives his own life. Rahul (Raj Taran) grows up watching all this. From an early age, he developed a sense of contempt for marriage. Also Rahul wants to be a standup comedian. In this order, every job is blown up by jokes and not settled in the career. Seeing this makes his mother anxious. She fears that she will be left away from the family without earning a living like her husband. The son is tempted to settle for a job somewhere. On the other hand, father Prakash says that his son..your can live in your favorite profession. Rahul, torn between these, arrives in Hyderabad.

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In Hyderabad he meets Shreya (Varsha Bollamma). Rahul joins a software development company with her childhood classmate. The two fall softly in love. But Rahul, who does not like marriage, says that. With that, if her pony is not married ... she says she is ready for a live-in relationship. What happened in this order. But whether their cohabitation led to marriage, whether Rahul settled down, whether he was able to erase the impression that he was unfit for a job, whether he stood up in life doing his favorite stand-up comedy, and finally what happened is another story.

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Movierulz - Stand Up Rahul Telugu Movie Analysis - 3 Movierulz

Img Via: Dream Town Productions and HiFive Pictures

It's hard to crack jokes on stage unless you have a lot of experience in standup comedy. It's a little adventurous program to bring them to the movie screen and impress the crowd. Instead of doing comedy in a character introduction, if Raj Tarun grabs the mic and jokes whenever he gets a chance, he gets bored. Laughing at those jokes, clapping ... a character that appears on the opposite side that is the director (on-screen). No one seems to enjoy it except him. That aside we get vomiting on the toilet comedy that comes at the beginning of the movie. Raj Tarun joins Dusditi. If Surely wants to run a comedian or love story, after all, it's up to the director to confuse the hero in the story. What is being does not mean which scene comes after which scenes come in a row. Nothing impresses. Clarity is missing in the process of establishing the hero's internal conflict. All internal conflict is in the head of the main character.

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A war between his beliefs, the beliefs around him, and opinions. What can family and friends do to solve that problem? Solve yourself and win and move on. Raj Tarun's character here has an internal conflict but the struggle with it, the decisions that are made, the problems that come from them..they win nowhere while resolving them. The director failed in terms of the screenplay to bring the internal conflict to an end. What if the story is taken to Himachal Pradesh at such a time..what if Hyderabad jumps into the Musi river ... do not give up passion even while doing the job, do not get married, do not want to say live-in a relationship kiss. But there it seems to be saying with doubt whether it can be said or not. Standup is frustrated that the director is not taking any stand on the subject of Rahul. The same movie hit.

What good is a movie if it simply "blends in" with everything else out there? Shekar Agastya provided the songs and background music needed for such a love story. Production values ​​are good. Direction is soso. There is no sync to the visuals, the dialogues, the music, the performances of the artists.

Raj Tarun did well as a guy who could not make an immediate decision in life as an actor, a stranger who escaped from problems but Getup was not good. Raj Taran, who has comedy timing, can't laugh at the jokes he tells. Varsha Bollamma did her part. The role played by Moonlight Kishore is not new. Venkatesh Maha, director of 'Karaaf Kancharapalem', plays a member of the Standup Comedians Club. Murali Sharma as a Field Husband, a side job, Indrajith as a woman fulfilling family responsibilities. Other roles include Madhurima, Devi Prasad, Raja


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