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Nallamala (Amit Tiwari), a nature lover and animal lover, helps illegal traders in a densely forested area. Pancha Pranas are the best breed of cow that he has for the black-looking black mountains. Vanamali (Bhanu Sri) who is in their godown gets close to the mind. But in some cases, the ebony forest area becomes a nightmare for illegal traders.

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What are the immoral acts of a corrupt police officer (Kalakeya Prabhakar) and illegal trader (Ajay Ghosh) in Nallamala? In what case does Nallamala turn against illegal traders? What kind of research did the scientist (Nazar) do in the Nallamala forest area? Why did the scientists target the cows in the Black Mountains? What has the minister (Tanikella Bharani) got to do with Nallamala? The story of the Nallamala movie is the answer to the question of how Vanamali, the girlfriend of Nallamala, helped Nallamala in confronting the intruders.

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The story of the Nallamala movie starts with an emotional note as the tribesmen chase the scientist (Nazar). The story then becomes interesting with an interesting topic of what topics the school children should include in the textbook. Let's go into the story with a feel-good note with a flashback to what the former Naxalite (Chatrapati Shekhar) says. However, the inclusion of obscene and pornographic scenes in the topic of inclusion in children's curriculum seems to be the first blow to the film. And when the fast off is over, stretching without starting the original story .. stretching is like testing the patience of the audience.

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That means that will not happen. It looks like an attempt to water down the audience by hiding the original point until the pre-climax. But not being able to properly articulate the emotional point at which the cow revolves around seems to have become another minus. Overall Nallamalla's movie looks like an extraordinary film with all sorts of confusion. When it comes to the performance of the actors... The story of Amit Tiwari being chosen as the hero is good. 

But in the absence of strong scenes, his talent does not seem to have come out. There is no need to blame Amit Tiwari for this. Because... the story, the articles are very weekly. The situation with Bhanu Sri looks similar. If not, Bhanu Shree is impressive in terms of glamor and dance. Bhanu Sri's acting is good in some scenes. The characters of Ajay Ghosh, Kalakeya Prabhakar, Nazar, and Tanikella Bharani look routine. Despite the depth in those roles .. their roles seem to have faded as the director did not write the scenes properly.

Nallamala's film background, cinematography score are a special attraction. Some of the scenes with BGM are well elevated despite the lack of strength in the scenes. Cinematographer Venu Murali captured the action scenes and forest beauties nicely on his camera. The song 'Emunnave Pilla' sung by Sid Shriram impressed the audience in terms of audio. But does not appear to be so effective on screen. The performance of other departments seems to be the same. The point made by director Ravikiran is good. But emotionally, the film manages to impress with its straightforward tough-guy style.

When it comes to Nallamala cinema as a whole .. the injustices that take place in the forest area are made up of the story of a tribal youth who confronts them. An emotional point could not reach its goal due to the lack of story and articles properly. Attempts by Amit and Bhanu Shree seem to have failed. Those who love the rural atmosphere and Nativity movies are likely to like this movie.


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