Wild Dog 2021 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightWild Dog 2021 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Movie Review Name: Wild Dog

Starring: Nagarjuna Akkineni, Dia Mirza, Saiyami Kher

Directed by: Ashishor Solomon

Produced by: S. Niranjan Reddy. K. Anvesh Reddy

Music by: S. Thaman

Cinematography: Shaneil Deo

Release date: 2 April 2021 

Running time: 145 minutes Rating: 3/5

"Wild Dog" is another spy action thriller made by Akkineni Nagarjuna who impresses the audience by making films in new genres with new directors from time to time. Akkineni Nagarjuna appears as an NIA agent in the film, which is really based on the bomb blasts in India. Let's see how much this wild dog, pictured in the Hollywood style, impressed the Telugu audience.

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The story begins with the bomb blasts in Pune and Hyderabad after the 2007 Gokul Chat blast in Hyderabad. After the deadly attack, the country's leaders and officials decide to catch the terrorist who carried out the bomb blasts. But the case goes to Vijay Verma alias Wild Dog, who is known as the Ruthless Officer in the NIA, as he wants to hand over the case to the NIA at the expected time. 

From there, how did Vijay Verma form his team and find out which terrorist did it first? How did he trace that terrorist? How much risk did he take for it? Did he finally catch the main terrorist in this secret operation? Or not? Did anyone lose their lives on this mission? Is there any reason for Vijay to take that mission very seriously? That's the story.

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Stars on screen...

In terms of on-screen, Nagarjuna gave life to this film. Young people will also be shocked to see Akkineni Nagarjuna Fit look in the role of NIA agent. Also, Nagarjuna's performance as Ruthless Officer is superb. Attitude, Dialog Delivery, Perfection, and Creepy Stunts Dia Mirza seemed to be okay at the top even though she looked short.

Siamese Kher not only impresses by appearing as Rough and Tough Secret Agent but also impresses by doing stunts similar to boys in action scenes. Atul Kulkarni, Ali Reza, Appaji, and Avijit Dutt, who appeared in key roles in the film, hailed their roles as Perfect Team Mates.

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The talent behind the scenes...

With such a real story, it must be said that realistic movies are very rare in our Telugu. Director Solomon should be congratulated for trying to bring such a film to the Telugu screen. The intended story point is good based on real events. Also, it is good to tell only the intended point without deviating anywhere in the story, but the points written in the story do not give a big kick.

The story is very important for such seat edge thrillers. Solomon seems to have done some work on the subject of the narrative. The first 30 minutes seem to start well with the Establishments, but after a bit of a pickup, the Investigation Scenes get a bit bored due to the lack of high feeling moments.

It's okay to generate a bit of a feel for how to catch that terrorist from the second half and to minimize the thrilling elements that impress with the action episodes. As a director, he was able to tell the story he wanted to tell, but overall it seems just okay to tell an engaging spy thriller.

Also, the biggest minus is that the audience watching a patriotic movie like this does not use the high moments that increase the adrenaline rush properly. Opportunity is the topic that draws action episodes in the second half of design and composition.

Chanel Dio cinematography also feels very new. While conveying the spy thriller feel in those visuals, Thaman made an effort to connect those visuals with the background music. Music is the highlight in the second half. Shravan editing is also good. Murali Production Designing Work Superb. Kiran Kumar dialogues are good. Niranjan Reddy Construction values ​​are good.

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Whistle Moments:

- Akkineni Nagarjuna acting like Wow who looks like a Wild Dog

- Story point

- Second half looks better

- Action Episodes


There is no doubt in Nagarjuna's performance that he deserves the title of  "Wild Dog". But at the intended point, the story is completely made up of the guts - the story is abba it bit, this film does not give much kick due to the lack of elements that make this block go crazy. Also similar to some spy thrillers that have recently appeared on OTT platforms. While it may seem okay to go in a flow overall, I have to say that Wild Dog does not give if it feels high enough to give overall.


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