Rang De 2021 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightRang De 2021 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Movie Review: Rang De

Star Cast: Nithin, Keerthy Suresh

Director: Venky Atluri

Producer: Naga Vamsi

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Run Time: 2h 10min

Release Date: 26th March 2021 Rating: 3/5

Young hero Nitin - Lady superstar Kirti Suresh as an emotional romantic entertainer Rang De. Directed by Venky Atuluri, the film was produced by Sithara Entertainments. Does Nitin's statement that he will hit the screens again with the movie Rang De come true? Or not? Let's see now...

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As a child, Arjun (Nitin) came to the house next door in the form of Anu (Keerthi Suresh) when he wanted to be my girlfriend. But when he starts riding Arjun, he realizes that he is not a girlfriend but a monster. The fight between the two continues from childhood to adulthood. Arjun - Anu does not fall at all. But due to a daring step taken by Anu, Arjun has to marry Anu under certain circumstances. So what are the problems that Arjun, who got married to Anu, faced after getting married? Do they continue to be enemies even when they are married? Or did they both fall in love? If you fall in love, what is the reason for it? This is the story of why the original Arjun had to marry Anu.

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Stars on screen...

Nitin looks stylish and handsome in terms of looks. Nitin in the role of Arjun with different voice modulations, one-liners tried with innocent expressions are good. He also performed well in the emotional scenes in the second half. Kirti Suresh not only impresses by appearing as a playful naughty child for the first time but also impresses once again in the emotional scenes in which he is strong. Now senior Naresh Nitin laughs in the role of father. Especially the one-liner punch dialogues in the scenes between Nitin - Naresh exploded well. Suhas, Abhinav, Vennela Kishore, and Brahmaji laughed in their roles. Rohini in the role of Kirti Mother impresses with her emotional dialogues.

The talent behind the scenes...

Visuals and music are the lifeblood of such romantic entertainer movies. The PC Shriram visuals look good in that regard but when it comes to Devisree Prasad music the songs that come in the second half (Bustande Bustande, Nee Kanulu Eppudu) are good, the rest of the songs do not look big. Also, the background music has to be even better. Editor Naveen Cutting the yarn as sharp as possible is a plus in terms of runtime. Avinash Kolla’s artwork is also very classy.

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The captain, Venky Atuluri, wanted to make a very simple point, an emotional ride. That is why he has chosen the characters of Arjun-Anu that he has chosen. But the format of hitting in Tom & Jerry style and then falling in love is something we’ve all seen in Surely. That makes the selected backdrop for the story feel very old. Because of that, the narrative has become hypothetical, okay when there is entertainment, everything else seems to be boring well. The narration in particular is very sloppy and the fact that each scene is stretched is meant to test the audience's patience. Especially the crucial hero-heroine emotional episodes for the movie are not so connected as they are not convincing. In terms of dialogues, some one-liners and some emotional dialogues are good. Sithara Entertainments' production values ​​are good.

 Whistle Moments:

- Performance of Nitin and Kirti Suresh

- Scattered hilarious comedy scenes

- Songs coming in the second half

- Short run time

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Director Venky Atuluri said that if the first half of 'Rang De' goes well, the second half will be emotional. Although the first half was spent with some fun scenes, the audience was eventually disappointed by the slow narration of the contentless story and the lack of convincing emotional scenes of the crucial Nitin - Kirti Suresh Law. For the film team, which claims to show all the emotions in life in a colorful way, the color that gives them the success they want is not Rang De.


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