Comali Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightComali Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Cast: Jayam Ravi, Kajal Agarwal

Directed by: Pradeep Ranganathan

Producer: ishari k. ganesh

Music: Hiphop Tamizha

Cinematography: Richard M. Nathan

Editing: Pradeep E. Raghav

Continuing with several interesting OTT web series as well as reviews of movies being released digitally, we watched the movie "Komali" which was released on ZEE5 today. And now let's find out how this movie looks in the review.

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Ravi (Jayam Ravi) was born and raised in the 90s when technology and social media were not big. However, an accident pushes him into a coma. Ravi wakes up back in 2016 exactly 16 years later. He found no evidence of how the world around him had changed and how people had changed. But how he handles his role and how Kajal Agarwal plays his role is the whole story.

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Plus points:

Jayam Ravi does a good job as an adult through this film. His innocent appearance and he well demonstrated the process of transformation. Comedian Yogi Babu also played a very good role in the film. His role as a comedian has good scope for acting.

Kajal's role in the film is nothing big but she does her job no matter what scenes are given to her. Smauka Hegde also performed well in her role. The Chennai flood scenes are nicely embedded in the story and the movie VFX is also great.

Jayam Ravi's reckless life in the 90s is well portrayed in this film. The distinction between past and present tenses is very nicely presented. Comedy satires are also nicely shown. The director was also very impressed by K.S. Ravi Kumar interesting role.

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Minus points:

While the climax of the film seemed a bit stretched, the ending was done with a simple theme. Also missed the logic in many places in the movie. This was especially seen in the overall coma angle of Jayam Ravi.

Things were volatile in the second half as the scenes were very harmonious. The scenes become very doctrinal and slightly damage the mood of the audience. The comedy was a bit overpowering and failed to impress all types of audiences.

Technical Department:

The Hiphop Tamizha music is very good and the score composed for the scenes in the second half is also very impressive. There seemed to be a special mention for art direction as the drastic changes between the ’90s and 2016 were presented in an excellent manner. The editing is also very good and the Telugu dubbing is also good. Also, VFX and camera performance is very good.

When the director approached Pradeep he chose an interesting story and explained it to the audience for the most part. But looking at the next part of the film he seemed to have done so heavily overdramatic and silly.


Overall Komali is a fun play with an interesting storyline. In the first half, comedy scenes and Jayam Ravi's acting are the main assets of the film. But the slow second half, the overdramatic scenes, and the dragged climax reduced the film a bit. If you do not mind the logical comedy, this movie will end this weekend as a passable watch.


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