Watch: Laxmii Bomb 2020 Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Laxmii Bomb 2020 Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Release Date: November 9th, 2020 Rating: 2.5/5

Lead Cast: Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani

Director: Raghava Lawrence

Producers: Fox Star Studios

Music Director: Amar Mohile

Producers: Vetri Palanisamy, Kush Chabria

'Laxmii Bomb' starring Bollywood star Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani is directed by Raghava Lawrence. This is a Hindi remake of 'Kancha Na' which is a blockbuster in Telugu and Tamil. The film was released in Disney Hotstar. Let's go to the review and see how the film is.

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Asif (Akshay Kumar), a Muslim, marries a Hindu girl, Rashmi (Kiara Advani). It does not like Rashmi's parents. This couple is forced to stay away from them. But, after a while, Asif Rashmi comes to Rashmi's parents' home to apologize in some way. Meanwhile, the empty ground next to Rashmi's house is scary, as if Asif plays cricket on that field. From there, the U-turn takes the story. A soul enters Asif's body as Lakshmi. Who is this Lakshmi? Why did she enter Asif's body? What is the story behind Lakshmi? To know such things, this movie should be seen.

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Plus Points:

Akshay Kumar is at the peak of his career and has again proved with this film that he can play any role as usual. Lakshmi also appeared as a superb character in the film. In the first part, he behaved like a woman, and in the second part the scenes that come when he becomes a powerful Lakshmi are very good. Akshay's gestures in the role of the soul seem to be acceptable.

Sharad Kelkar is a surprising package of the film and he has also acted as Lakshmi in his flashback mode. Although he had less screen time, Sharad was very much in his role with his female expressions.

Kiara Advani looks very cute in this film. There is nothing more in her role than that. The last ten minutes and the powerful climax is good. The rest of the actors also played well in the scope of their roles.

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Minus Points:

Although director Raghava Lawrence is impressed with some horror and comedy scenes The story is missing in some sequences. Basically, Akshay has good comedy in cinemas. But the comedy in this film did not work properly. The scene is good for any scene in the film, but the overall bore.

Some changes in the original version Lawrence did not make the Hindi audience. The story and narration of the previous Kanchana 1, 2 parts of the decent comedy are also missing in the film. Some scenes are seen before. And for some comedy scenes, the film's length is another minus point for the film.

Technical Department:

If you talk about the technical department The first thing to say is the director Raghava Lawrence's directorial performance Lawrence would have been better off taking care of some frustrating scenes as well as comedy. Cinematography is well set for this horror-comedy film. The graphics made in the film are also good. The background music is good. The way the editing is a little slow in terms of the first half, the second half is cut. The construction values are good.


Akshay Kumar and Kiara are the main characters of Raghava Lawrence An over-horror-comedy movie. But the horror in the film, the first part of the comedy, the lack of clicking, and the story did not go ahead after the flashback began. In addition, the main emotions in the film are not properly elevated. And those who have seen the original version do not like it at all. But Akshay Kumar's excellent performance is a consolation to the audience. Overall, this film can only be seen for Akshay. There is nothing more in the film.


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