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copyrightHeart Touching Dialogues In Colour Photo Movie - 3Moierulz

The movie theaters have been closed for about 8 months due to the coronavirus. Some films were released on OTT platforms for entertainment or disappointed audiences. However, films like V and Nishabham were not well-received. The sentiment that the films released by the OTTs will not be hit

Suhas and Chandni Chowdhury are the pair of Colour Photo Movie the Telugu audience laughing and laughing... At the end of the day, everyone was crying. Some dialogues between the dialogues of the characters in the film are heartwarming. Let us look at some of them.

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We can hide our minds at the Husband. But the body cannot be hidden.

"The whole world is pure

The second is the girl's laughter.

The first is man's tears.

* Watered chadanna may not satisfy hunger.

But if the right is mixed, the cows drink cows.

Dirty water may not quench our thirst.

But they extinguish the fire.

Nothing in the world is not going to be used.

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* Medicine for boys, cigarette

Girls also have an addiction

Once someone is looking at the dough

We will be tense to see again and again

That's just the habit

* True love is to stand up to the loved ones.

* Every husband who wants to see the wife crying is not a sadist

What is the stone for the mouth to fall off the teeth?

* In 1969, neil armstrong, a man named Nana Sankala, had my foot on the moon. You still think the sky is the limit. You need the sky. We need space. That's why you have to listen to the elders.

* An ant's life span is fifteen years.

We are crushing such an ant between our fingers.

Pakkodi's love is also between the fingers

The ant knows that pain

* A girl's house is a man

The man who stands on the sea is the same

We think that the sea is washing our feet cold.

But we do not know that the sand is pulled back under the legs.

* After marriage, there are conflicts.

Some words stop. Some go to the belt.

But at night we need it. Cigarette and drug odors should be borne

* Win gives joy. Defeat gives thought.

Every loser thinks.

If you tried a little more, I would have won

There are also those who cry and cry and weep

* It is good to support each other and make another hero.

If you wait for sure, you will be born white, and you are living among people who are ready to carry for 18 months.

* Fold your hand and muscle. The laughter should be on the cheek.

Hair should be flying to the wind. We can touch the sole of the bend and we will only be better if we stop thinking of beauty.


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