Watch: Nishabdham Full Movie in Amazon Prime Video on October 2 - 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Nishabdham Full Movie in Amazon Prime Video on October 2 - 3Movierulz

Nishabdham Trailer: Ghost House, Missing Girl, and Tremendous Suspense... The trailer of Anushka and Madhavan's film released.

JNN. The trailer of R Madhavan and Anusha Shetty's suspense thriller film Nishabdham has been released. Nishabdham is being premiered worldwide on October 2 on Amazon Prime Video. The trailer has been released only in three languages Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. The trailer of Malayalam has been dubbed and released. However, when the film was announced, it was said to be in Hindi and English as well. 

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The trailer of Nishabdham gives a lot of ideas about the story. The story of the film is set in Seattle, U.S.A. There is a past house in the background. Anusha Shetty is playing the role of an artist named Sakshi, who cannot hear. Madhavan is in the role of noted musician Anthony. There is love between the two. In Arjun Reddy, Shalini Pandey, who plays the mail lead, is in Sonali's character, which is the voice of the witness. There are some scenes in the trailer that seem to be uncomfortable with Shalini's witness at times. Sonali disappears. The trailer of Nishabdham arouses curiosity for the film. 

However, it would be a little difficult for the Hindi-speaking audience to understand The Nishabdham, as the trailer does not have subtitles of Hindi or English. 

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The first posters were released in September last year at the time of the announcement of Nishabdham. The film was then planned to be released in five languages and posters were also released accordingly. In addition to Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, posters titled Silence in Hindi and English were created. The poster of Hindi was written in Devanagari. 

Nishabdham has been directed by Hemant Madhutax. The film has been produced simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil, while it is being dubbed and released in Malayalam. Nishabdham was to be released in April this year with pan India appeal, but planning change after lockdown. 


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