Greenland: Gerard Butler 'I like these movies where there's some kind of crisis' - 3Movierulz

copyrightGreenland: Gerard Butler 'I like these movies where there's some kind of crisis' - 3Movierulz

Greenland the new film by the filmmaker Ric Roman Waugh, which once again features the prominence of Gerard Butler. 

The film, which promises to be this fall's catastrophe tape that already looms, is a blockbuster in line with other blockbusters like Deep Impact or Armageddon. The difference is that it has as its backdrop a deep family drama in which a father, his wife, and his diabetes-sick son try to be together in what appears to be the end of the world while trying to overcome all kinds of adversity.

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Courtesy of Diamond Films we have, on these lines, an exclusive interview with the leading actor where he gives us details about his work. The 50-year-old Butler, tanned in great action roles, does not make a stalk to accept the most demanding roles that bring his body and interpretive ability to the limit.

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Greenland presents the story of John Garrity, an architect whose marriage goes through low hours due to infidelity from which he feels deeply sorry. While trying to get his wife back and deal with his son's mixed feelings, a little meteor is heading toward Earth. As everything points out that he will fall over the sea without causing any damage, he has met his friends and neighbors and watched the event on television. The problem comes when, while shopping at the supermarket, he receives a call from the U.S. government: he appears to have been chosen with his family to be transferred to a shelter. His concern is compounded when the meteorite causes a huge explosion in the state of Florida and defines him as a 'planet destroyer', whose fragments are on its way. Now John begins a race against time to try to keep his family safe from what seems entirely like the end of the world as we know it. About his demanding role Butler tells us the following in the interview:

"I think he's an ordinary man, a kind of family, a structural engineer who works in skyscrapers and has a beautiful son. When the film starts we see that he is in an awkward, stressed situation... He's moved back into the house with his family, trying to make things work. To be with his son who does not fully understand the situation of dynamics between his father and his mother. He's also a kid who suffers from diabetes and isn't well, he's very sensitive. One can applaud John Grrity and family drama in the first instance, but then it looks like this 'monster' in the background... When comet Clerck makes his appearance he takes everyone by surprise, but in that instance, we are already involved with the character as a father, worker, and as someone who is trying to unite his family again. But we also don't finish understanding some of the extra challenges that will come your way, as well as the meaning of what it's really like to have your family together. This movie caught me from the first moment. I've always liked these big ideas where there's some kind of crisis"

Butler is accompanied in the film Morena Baccarin and Scott Glenn. The screenplay for the film is written by writer Chris Sparling.


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