Watch: Full Masaba Masaba Hindi Series Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Full Masaba Masaba Hindi Series Review In 3Movierulz

Name: Masaba Masaba

Cast: Masaba Gupta, Neena Gupta, and others

Author: Sonam Nair

Director: Sonam Nair

During this lockdown, the series of web series reviewing with movies continues The series of today's web series is 'Masaba Masaba'. Sonam Nair directed. The series is available on 'Netflix'. Let's see how this web series is in the review.

Story Background:

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The series is based on many events in the confused life of designer Masaba Gupta. How did she become the top designer in Bollywood, and what problems did she face as a fashion designer along with the divorce issue in her life? On the other hand, her mother Neena Gupta is trying to prove herself even at the age of 60. The series came as a fiction album about many aspects of the life of the mother and daughter who play real-life roles. There are six episodes in the series.

What's good:

First, designer Masaba Gupta entered the series with her acting. She has done well with her surprisingly amazing performance in her role. She may also look different, as well as the way she has acted in all the bold scenes is very good. Especially Masaba's emotions are well cultivated. She should try to act in more films in the coming days.

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Neil Bhupalam is a business tycoon. Her character setup is well suited. Neena Gupta has done a good performance in her role. Main is her comic timing, chemistry with the daughter, everything Nina Gupta has done great. The film set up, production values, and Hollywood shows are some of the reminders.

The way the director has shown the relationship between the real and fictional scenes and characters written by the director is amazing. The runtime is also perfect.

What's not good:

The series background is a costly hi-society show. But the film does not connect to the general audience. Because there is no good story or strong characters in this series. This series is around real-life characters in events that are born from fictional circumstances Not much workout. The play about the lives of the two main characters may seem odd to many. Also, season one goes into the normal mouth without much suspense or drama. The supporting cast characters are not as great.

Last word:

Overall, this web series 'Masaba Masaba' is a fictional web series based on designer Masaba Gupta and her mother actress Neena Gupta's real-life characters. The series has great production values and good technical performance. Also, the rich in Bollywood will be about their lives, the series will be a complete summary. But, there are no great storytellers in the series. However, the show shows the unique setup and Masaba Gupta's life interesting. If you have time, you can see this show once.


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