Kenneth Branagh: In 'Tenet' Christopher Nolan breaks all the rules and makes a spectacular blockbuster - 3Movierulz

copyrightKenneth Branagh: In 'Tenet' Christopher Nolan breaks all the rules and makes a spectacular blockbuster - 3Movierulz

The actor plays Andrei Sator in The New as Christopher Nolan. John David Washington and Robert Pattinson star in the film. Already in theaters!

The new thing about Christopher Nolan has already arrived in Spanish cinemas. Starring Robert Pattinson and John David Washington, the director of Origin's latest project features Kenneth Branagh in the role of villain Andrei Sator and at SensaCine we had the opportunity to chat with the performer about his favorite Nolan film, the director's flexibility with the actors, and when he will make a new adaptation of William Shakespeare. 

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Tenet is the second collaboration between Branagh and Nolan. Dunkirk, the war drama about World War II, was the first work between the actor and the director. So it's no surprise that Branagh opts for his debut with the filmmaker - in addition to other titles - when we asked him about his favorite Nolan movie. "Personally, I love Dunkirk," he says. "I am absolutely in love with Memento. And I love Following!, his first film. There are none of the films he hasn't enjoyed enormously. I keep memories of truly memorable sensory experiences. Like in Dunkirk."  

As for Tenet, Branagh acknowledges that, despite being able to find similarities with other Nolan titles such as Origin and Interstellar, it is a unique film:

Tenet' was a mind-blowing thing. It has some continuity regarding 'Origin' and 'Interstellar', but at the same time, it is absolutely unique. I think here it burns any kind of known route, breaks all the rules and makes a spectacular blockbuster tremendously entertaining from an irresistible puzzle

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But what is Nolan like with his actors? Does it give them the flexibility to be able to bring new ideas to their actions or is it stricter? "He's incredibly well prepared, he's got everything very well worked on and, at the same time, he's open and flexible when it comes to getting started," Branagh says. "Both in the rehearsals we had and when the filming of a great scene approaches, he really wants to know what the actors can contribute. It's impressive the flexibility he has because he has a lot of security and quiet confidence in his own vision," he explains. 

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If there's a code name in Branagh's career as an actor and director, that's Shakespeare's. The performer adapted to film and starred in Enrique V in 1989 and received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor and Best Director. He then did the same with Much Noise and Few Nuts participated as an actor in Oliver Parker's Othello and placed behind the scenes in Hamlet. Lost and As You Like Are also other Branagh projects based on the playwright's works. He even modernized Romeo and Juliet in the theatre with a play they starred on the Lily James and Richard Madden boards. So... when is another adaptation? "The reality is, I don't know! That's an honest answer to your question. Today I'm happy to be able to work, to be able to make movies. And to be able to adapt to this ever-changing world in which we live. Also the changing world of movies! And our minuscule contribution to it," he begins. 

On the other hand, Branagh says he hopes that Shakespeare's work will continue in a post-pandemic world. "I hope that Shakespeare, who is the most flexible author of the last 400 years, will find his own way in the post-COVID world. And I hope to be a part of it," he concludes.


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