If you think 'Mulan' is expensive, we tell you how you can see it to make it profitable - 3Movierulz

copyright If you think 'Mulan' is expensive, we tell you how you can see it to make it profitable - 3Movierulz

The real-action 'remake' of the Mickey Mouse House classic arrives on the streaming platform on Friday, September 4 for $29.99.

Mulan the live-action remake of the Mickey Mouse House classic, arrives this Friday, September 4, to our country via Disney+ for $29.99 in Premium Access. The type of film-directed film is a novelty for the studio, which has made the decision to skip the cinemas following the delays the film has suffered from the coronavirus crisis. This action, however, has not been without controversy. 

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UK cinemas criticized this decision after the news broke and the Spanish cinemas felt that "the public has been deceived." As for the users of the platform, many do not agree with the price that must be paid to be able to enjoy the film starring Liu Yifei. Especially when you consider two factors: the price of a cinema ticket - these can vary between five and loos $10 - is much lower than the one that Disney asks for the film and the image and sound quality of a room is much higher than that of the living room of our houses. However, being able to see this title through our devices and in our home also has its advantages and, precisely, that is what can make it profitable. 

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Obviously, if the purchase of the film is made by a single user, the price compared to what it would cost to go to the cinema to watch is much higher. That is if you do not include the displacement and purchase of food products to accompany your projection. Things change if we divide the price by more than one person. That is, a user makes the purchase and the amount is divided among a group of friends. Like you're going to the movies to see her, but swapping the room around the living room. Between three people, the price per head would be $7.33, a value more in line with what it means to pay a cinema ticket. In a group, for example, of seven spectators, each would pay a total of $3.14. Much cheaper than the average price of a movie ticket. 

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If we change the stage and instead of a group of friends it is a family unit, the purchase of Mulan can also be profitable. Take, for example, that it is a clan made up of four members. If the price of a cinema ticket is $5, the total is $20. About the same amount as Disney+ asks to watch the movie on its platform. However, not all cinemas have tickets at this price. If we go to others where their value is approximately $9, the total price we would pay to go four people from the same family unit would be $36. 

Another factor to consider when buying Mulan at Disney+ is that, unlike movie theaters, once purchased you can watch it as many times as you want, consume it in streaming and even download it, as long as you remain a subscriber. This means a depreciation of the product if we take into account the price that has to be paid for it, although many users prefer to wait for it to come out on DVD and Blu-ray to keep it forever in physical format.

Disney's decision to skip the movie theaters and bring the film - originally intended for the billboard - directly to streaming is a new move for the studio. We will have to wait to see what the reaction of the public is and how much the profits of the film amount through this window to know if the strategy of The House of Mickey Mouse can be repeated in the future with other blockbusters or, on the contrary, does not get the desired results and stays in a mere anecdote. 

We will never know what numbers Mulan would have reached if the coronavirus crisis had not occurred or its collection in cinemas today, a time when the shootouts are the order of the day in Spain and the fear of contagion can have an impact on the viewer. In short, only time will tell whether Disney's decision ends up being a success or a failure.

Our country is not the only territory in which The House of Mickey Mouse has decided to carry out this strategy. Mulan will also skip cinemas in Canada, Australia, and other European countries. This is not the case for China and other territories where Disney+ is not yet present. 

Mulan has in his cast Donnie Yen, Gong Li, Jason Scott Lee, Jet Li, and Tzi Ma, among others. Over these lines, don't miss the trailer for the movie. And remember: Mulan will be available on Disney+ from September 4 for a one-time payment of $29.99 (Premium Access).


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