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Dilemma on the theatrical releases The conditions that are to be given to OTT releases are making the producers think. The latest information is that the hero is not compromised with the hero. Things are changing day by day in Tollywood. The fate of heroes is changing. The epidemic is changing everything. Natural Star Nani is also not an exception.

Nani has been confirmed by one of the projects. Shyam Singha Roy... Tuck Jagadish is doing films. The 'V' effect on both of these... She's gone bad! If the story is not good, Nani has acted in it People will not see it even if it is released in the OTT! the 'V' is proving. Nani's non-theatrical is also well dropped with this film. Because Nani's already theatrical business has been dropped from the last four films. But there is no theatrical business in the case of 'V', but there is no chance that the non-theatrical business will cross 14 crores. Amazon gave Dil Raju 33 crores but it will be more than half the total compensated for the theater business.

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How to look at me The impact was also on the next films he starred in. Producers have suggested that Shyam Singha Roy director Rahul should control the budget. The Tak Jagdish team has also made changes and reduced additional investment in some schedules.

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'Shyam Singha Roy' is scheduled to go on sets in January next year.  This is an interesting movie in the background of Calcutta. For that, the 80s Calcutta atmosphere will create the look on sets. In fact, the original location is to be screened Corona is expected to be shot on sets. This is causing the budget to rise. But the discussion is going on on the other side that the producers have suggested that the cost should be in control.

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