Watch: Khuda Haafiz Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Khuda Haafiz Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Khuda Haafiz Film Review: High-end film 'Khuda Hafiz' takes the test of Mohabbat in recession and migration, the emphasis shown in songs is not showing up in the action scene.

'Khuda Haafiz' is inspired by the true phenomenon set in the backdrop of the recession of the year 2008. The story is of the married couple Samir and Nargis of Lucknow. Nargis, who is in the vicinity of the job, becomes a victim of a gang of body trade. Samir then goes to the foreign lands who have been facing the troubles and brings back his Nargis from the dons of the flesh trade, the story is his.

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The original story is based on the movie

Technically, such stories are called ' high and concept '. This story is inspired by a true phenomenon. It happened to a couple in Hyderabad. There also, the youth succeeded in bringing back his wife from a Gulf mula. The young man's electric jam ball would surely not have been like dole Shole. Obviously, he would have been able to bring back his wife with the help of the security and justice system of the country. Here, however, Samir brings back his Nargis by dusting the enemies.

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The film disappoints in some parts

The film just disappoints here. The topic is larger day life, but the treatment average. The trap of those who are in the flesh trade by the inducement of jobs is spread everywhere in the country. The operators of that business are influential. Access is to the police and the army. Always lapped up of hookah and cigarette puffs. There is a friend on the foreign land who helps the hero. The police first harass, then the help.

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Lack of suspense in the film

All these films have been used in the film. This makes the storyline a big presentation table. It is known how the story and events will turn. The entire burden is on power and the user, Manu Kapoor, who helps Sameer abroad. Later, he is badeetatai in Faiz Abu Malik and Tamina al-Hamid. Nargis has also become a cameo in the entire film.

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Ups and downs showing in an action scene

Samir is easily accessible to Lanka by the gangster of the body trade, Ishak Regina. Director Farooq Kabir is not able to make it a well-made thriller. They have actually been in conflict. As Samir has made an action with half-hearted common men, sometimes the avatar of the same typical action is shown as an electric jam hair. Nargis's discovery in half from the common man's perspective, in half in the Rambo tile.

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The story revolves around Noman to Baitusafe and Sharm el-sheik. In the role of commander Tamina Hamid and Faiz Abu Malik, Ahna Kumra and Shiv Pandit have failed to leave the effect on the act. The effort of an electric Jami child is visible. He pulls the film on his shoulders. The Nawab Shah, who became villain Ishak Regini, brings cruelty to the screen. Nargis Bunny Shivalika Oberoi enters the screen presence, but there is no dialogue in his part after the kidnap. In Usm man Ali Morad, Anu Kapoor is effective.

The songs of the film are the best

Songs have become good. In particular, "you became the tongue of feeling, you became our life". Noman and Baitosef have been remade in Uzbekistan, but cinematographers have missed out on the beauty and the barrenness. It is felt that the shot has been taken in haste. The landmark areas of the city have been shown as reactive. By and large, the issue of body trade has been superficial. There is a message that in the film if love is true, there is a recession or some other trouble, victory.


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