Watch: Meka Suri Full Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Meka Suri Full Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Release date: July 31st, 2020 Rating: 2.75/5

Lead Cast: Abhinay, Samay and others

Director: Trinath Velishila

Producer: Karthik Kanchera

Author: Trinath Velishila

Director Trinath Velishila directed "Crime Janar" action thriller 'Meka Suri'. Theater artists Sumaya and Abhinay are introducing the actors Karthik Kanchera Simba Entertainments banner produced the movie. The film is available in 'G5'. Let's see how this movie is in review...

Story :

Suri (Abhinay) the goat leather and the meat-cutting profession. He is known as 'Meka Suri' because he has the habit of cutting goat leather in minutes. The gentleman in the same town loves the queen (Sumaya) who works near Appalanaidu. The Queen also loves Suri. But many of the rest of the people, including the elder Appalanaidu of the village, will be on the queen. But the queen marries Suri who loves her. But the Queen has a physical relationship with Appalanaidu for some reason. There is a conflict between the Queen and Suri. In this order, the queen is murdered for a day. The queen is arrested for killing Suri. Who killed the Queen? How did Suri take revenge on the people who were responsible for this? What is the role of Veerbhadra SI in this case? Why did rani have to have an illegal relationship with Appalanaidu? Is there really a relationship? Or? What happened to Suri? is the rest of the story.

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Plus Points :

Abhinay, who played the hero in this film, is in the role of his character His looks and physique are well maintained. He was impressed by his realistic acting and highlighted the film. Especially in the scene where the heroine died and the scene that looks like a crazy one, or in the pre-climax, Abhinay has done well. The heroine is not the heroine of the heroine but some love scenes are in the natural appearance of the nativity. Director Trinath Velishila has tried well to cultivate some emotional scenes with weak characters in this revenge action thriller. He has succeeded in screening scenes that are particularly relevant to the nativity. The actor who played the villain Appalanaidu also played well. Some of his words were good. The rest of the actors have done well in the scope of their role. Especially the actor who played Si Veerabhadram has become a plus for the film Wild Acting.

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Minus Points:

Though some action scenes written by the director are good The film is more than necessary. Though the scene seems good for any scene, the overall story does not go in a flow. The scenes came according to the play The scenes that come in the middle of the scenes are effective if they have a matter. But something should have been written for the fact scenes. Some scenes are not properly connected emotionally. The director started the film as an introduction Then he diverted the story with unnecessary scenes. The director should not have made unnecessary scenes in the story to cultivate some emotional scenes in this regular revenge story. Love and revenge action thriller in the film There is no love to satisfy the audience and there is no action that is completely impressive. The action scenes are more than the need for the overall need, and the story is not impressed by the story.

Technical Section:

The emotional content of the director's film is good The story stories are not interesting flow and interest, and the director's performance is not okay because of the violent scenes that are wild. The music director's songs are not okay. Cinematography is highlighted in this film. The locations are impressive with all-natural visuals The cameraman's way of screening them is also very good. Although editing is good, some scenes that are not needed for the story in the film would have been a plus for the film. The production values of Karthik are good.


The crime revenge action drama is not completely impressive in the direction of new director Trinath Velishila. And the audience of decent and family films is discouraging. However, the director was impressed with some thrilling elements and some emotional scenes. But he should have written better in the story. Actors abhinaya and Samaya are impressed with their performance. Overall, action thrillers will like some elements of the film. But the rest of the audience does not impress the film.


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