Murder Movie Row RGV Condemns His Lawyer's Statement To Sc ST Court In Nalgonda - 3Movierulz

copyrightMurder Movie Row RGV Condemns His Lawyer's Statement To Sc ST Court In Nalgonda - 3Movierulz

The case of the controversial  Murder was heard by the Special Court of Nalgonda SC and ST on Tuesday. Through the RGV lawyer, he was told that he could not attend because he was infected with the corona. However, the petitioner Amrita Pranay's lawyer objected to this as a lie. Verma has given a twist with the latest statements that the matter will become complicated after the director himself revealed that he was not in the news of corona.

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What happened is that
Amrita, Pranay, and Maruti Rao are the storyline of The Controversy over The Murder Amrita and Pranay's family has approached the SC and ST Special Court in Nalgonda to instruct them to stop the film, saying that the film will be affected by the names and real-life events without permission. The case was heard on Tuesday. However, the defendant Verma's not submitting the affidavit was more controversial.

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Corona Valle did not sign 
His lawyer told the court that his client Ramgopal Varma could not sign the affidavit because of the corona infection and the trial should be postponed. However, Amrita's lawyer brought to the notice of the court that Verma himself had declared that it was a lie and that he had not been infected with the corona. We will also submit evidence. The court heard the arguments of both parties Further hearing was postponed to the 14th of this month. However, Verma twisted the circulating things as his lawyer told him in court.

Fake News Is Not Believed 
Director RGV has previously denied the news that he has been infected with corona The latest incidents in the court are also not true, and the news that the corona has not signed the affidavit is fake. On Tuesday night, he came to social media with a heroine and once again clarified the issue. The lawyer's explanation and RGV's comments were contradictory and confusion was created. In the next three days (14th), the trial is likely to be clarified.


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