Watch: Lootcase Full Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Lootcase Full Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Release date: July 31st, 2020 Rating: 3/5

Cast: Kunal Khemu, Rasika Dugal and others

Director: Rajesh Krishnan

Producer: Fox Star Studios

Music Director: Sameer Uddin,

During this lockdown, the series of web series reviewing with movies continues The film 'LootCase' is a movie that is today' Rajesh Krishnan is directed. The movie is available in 'Disney Hotstar'. Let's see how this movie is in the review.

Story Background :

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Nandan (Kunal Khemu) is a middle-class man working in the printing press. His wife Lata (Rasika Duggal) always complains about their poor middle-class lifestyle. Nandan, who is upset with this, is coming into his life with a suitcase that is unable to continue his boring life. He tries to own that red suitcase filled with cash. Nandan learns that no one has owned it in this order and starts to spend money. But in the meantime, some evil politicians, terrible gangsters, and other groups are looking for that suitcase. What are the problems that Nandan has come up within this order? What does Nandan do with all the money? What happened, in the end, is the rest of the story.

What's good:

The storyline of the film is very simple but good. Especially the difficulties in the middle-class family have been shown. Kunal Khemu has done well when it comes to comedy. Main is the way he creates a subtle comedy with his serious and tense face. Another plus point is that the film is full of citational comedy. and it makes the audience more time involved in the film.

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Vijay Raj and Gajraj Rao as a politician in the role of Don are well-acted in their roles and aroused good humor. Rasika Duggal is a weird wife. Vijay Raj and his assistant scenes are all fun. The turns in the film are very good. The conversations in this film should be especially appreciated. Music is good but BGM is not good.

What's not good:

After the twist is revealed, the film becomes hyper-worthy. The film is full of loud humorous scenes Sometimes it gets boring. If you think about the logic, you see the movie If you try to watch the movie without following the film, you will be disappointed. Also, the screenplay of the film is not properly elevated with key areas. In many scenes, the storyline could not be established. Many characters were introduced to cultivate comedy, but they created a lag in the second half.

Last word:

Overall, this 'LootCase' comedy-drama, which has good casting. Kunal Khemu and the supporting cast are also very interesting scenes with their fun acts. The story is routine and top humor is a plus for the film. If you like comedy films, you can watch this 'LootCase' movie for time pass in this lockdown period.


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