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copyrightPower Star Pawan Kalyan Fans Reaction On Power Star Movie After Release - 3Movierulz

Ram Gopal Varma posted a video of Pawan Fans' response to his 'Power Star' This video is getting a mixed response.

Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma has once again created a big sensation. Whoever scolded him was a shot off. This is not what we are saying. RGV has put everyone in front of his Twitter account, including video proof. After the release of his film 'Power Star', Pawan Kalyan's fans have shown the feelings of the film and once again made the issue a hot topic.

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Pawan Kalyan fans are getting fired on Ram Gopal Varma since the announcement of Power Star. Posters and trailers released by him for film promotions are more raging. Even Verma's office was attacked. But after the release of 'Power Star', scene reversed. The fan is now a hot safe RGV, who has been scolded by Varma as a fan of Pawan fans. Posted a video on his Twitter account and said that Pawan Fans review editing 'Power Star' has made his film in discussions again after the release.

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In this video, some people who claim to be Pawan Kalyan fans You can see the praise of 'Power Star' After the film starts, we are the first 25 minutes to scold The RGV They can see that Pawan Kalyan is a real fan of the last 10 minutes and is fixed as RGV. But the netizens who have seen this video are responding to a mixture. Some people are right, others do not believe in such things at all. All these are commenting on Varma's gimmicks.

"Pawan Kalyan fans, believe in these RGV words. Some scenes in the film are very objectionable. Last 10 minutes RGV acted very cleverly. Pawan Kalyan sits in front of the vodka and drinks cigarette He said, "I don't have a cigarette." Why Govinda Govinda song? " Commented a netizen who watched this video.


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