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Ram Gopal Varma, is known for the controversy. This coronavirus is the only director who is doing films in Telugu during the lockdown. Climax, Nagnam, and the latest power star is another film 'Murder'. RGV is based on the murder of Pranay, who created a sensation in Telugu states. 

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He has already released several posters of the film and released the trailer of the film on Tuesday. A boy and a girl love and marry The trailer showed scenes that the girl's father was severely hurt after the girl's father killed the boy. In the trailer, we can finally have children but Varma ended their mentality as a consecreblement.

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Pranay's father has filed a petition in court on the film. Amrutha's uncle Balaswamy filed a case in court that the RGV 'murder' could affect the case running in the court. But all the things related to this Pranay and Maruti Rao case are known to Telugu people. But what is going to be shown in this is interesting. The film was directed by Anand Chandra. Soon the film will be released at RGV World Theatre.

Varma's recent release power star has also led to many controversies. Varma's Hungama with Power Star movie is not all this. Finally, The movie was released and his film was fulfilled by Varma. And the movie is a huge success. Power Star movie collections are known to some people. He also blasted the bomb that two more films are coming up in the Power Star series, which he tweets.


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