Justice League: Zack Snyder's montage trailer will arrive in August during the DC fandom - 3Movierulz

copyrightJustice League: Zack Snyder's montage trailer will arrive in August during the DC fandom - 3Movierulz

The filmmaker's version of the superhero movie will run for four hours and will premiere on HBO Max.

During the Justice Con, held in parallel to the Comic-Con @Home, Zack Snyder advanced many details of his Justice League montage, known as ‘Snyder Cut’. Among the breakthroughs he offered at that independently created fan event, the director of Man of Steel showed a clip featuring Superman dressed in the black resurrection suit, and also said the long-awaited first trailer for the Justice League director's montage. It will arrive in August during the DC FanDome celebration.

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Zack Snyder wanted to make it clear that the Justice League advances to be seen on DC FanDome are going to be substantial. It is not going to be a new clip, like the Superman in a black suit or the one that first showed us Darkseid, but something much more powerful. This he said to the organizers of Justice Con:

"I can tell you, girls, that from FanDome you can expect footage as big as a banquet. You won't have to watch the same three clips over and over..."

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Snyder's excitement with this highly anticipated project, which has found its ultimate home on HBO Max, can be felt in those words. And it is that the filmmaker has turned to the maximum to be able to teach the final assembly of Justice League, a film that fell into the hands of Joss Whedon when Snyder had to abandon it because of a family tragedy.

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Zack Snyder's involvement with the Snyder Cut is such that the director is working without seeing a dollar, at the moment. Here's how he dropped it during the Justice Con panel last Saturday: "Having this opportunity is exciting to have this opportunity and I want you to know how grateful I am. I love working on it and I would do it for free, in fact, I am," he said.


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