Stranger Things: Nancy and Jonathan's relationship will be on the limit in season 4 - 3Movierulz

copyrightStranger Things: Nancy and Jonathan's relationship will be on the limit in season 4 - 3Movierulz

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton, actors who bring the couple to live in the series, have unveiled the big problem they are going to experience in the new episodes.

Although the filming of season 4 of Stranger Things has not yet been resumed, little by little, thanks to the details revealed by the cast, more details are being revealed about the plot of the new episodes. The last ones to tackle their role in this next part have been Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton, Nancy, and Jonathan in fiction.

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Everyone who is a strong following of this couple from minute one will suffer more than expected in this series. It seems that when everything pointed out that this time their relationship was going to be on the right track, the new threats and challenges of the next chapters will test the love of these two characters.

I think Nancy is alone. With Jonathan's departure, who can you relate to? Who's there? I mean, it's the 80s, so it's not like you could skip on Skype or FaceTime. It feels a bit like the end of an era. But that instinct that Nancy has, that curiosity and determination, I think is part of her personality. She is not going to forget that part of herself. I can really see that it goes further

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Heaton, who is also the actress's partner in real life, reaffirms what her co-star has said with the following statement: "There is a distance now, and distance is somewhat difficult in a relationship." If a double dimension, supernatural creatures, and a Russian organization on your heels were not enough, now another handicap is added to your future: distance. We will have to wait to see season 4 to discover if these characters manage to overcome all obstacles or definitely this relationship is doomed to failure.


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