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copyrightFirst Time Prakash Raj Comments On RGV Power Star Movie - 3Movierulz

The typical director Ram Gopal Varma is currently busy with any of the films that need not be said to be special. He is busy in the digital world and attracts people with controversial stories. But the recent release of power star is known to all the controversy. However, senior talented actor Prakash Raj responded to the controversy.

Prakash Raj Positive Comments 
Ram Gopal Varma's Power Star movie Pawan Kalyan is the concept of how he is after elections. Pawan Kalyan made positive comments on the end while showing some comedy Varma's scenes are also good for a class. Prakash Raj has responded positively to a recent live interview on Varma's hurry.

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Varma is very intelligent 
Prakash Raj said I have not worked too much with him. But Personally, I met many times. His knowledge and knowledge are truly great. Great as a director. I don't see what he said personally. What do I have to learn from him? I think what things I should share with him.

If you do not like him, you can leave him 
Ram Gopal Varma is not bad. Not everyone is like that. A strange person. He wanted to say something with a power star. Many people said that the film was shown well in the end. Anyone has the right to express their feelings. If you don't like him, you can leave him. We don't have to peek in. But I think he's in the limits

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The power star range does not decrease. 
We know what power star Pawan Kalyan is. One Ram Gopal Varma is wrong or another does not need to care about something else. I know Pawan Kalyan range but it will not decrease at all Leave Ram Gopal Varma like that. I heard that Pawan Fans are also making a film on Varma. Good. It is really good to have such a match. However, Prakash Raj explained that Varma has the right to question when he crosses the limits.


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