BJP MP Trying For Prabhas Dates To Produce New Movie With Him at Any Cost After Lockdown

copyrightBJP MP Trying For Prabhas Dates To Produce New Movie With Him at Any Cost After Lockdown

This is the news that is currently being heard in the industry. Currently, Prabhas is not just in Telugu but across the country. His films are doing well in all industries. Prabhas is chanting across the country after Saaho. Even though the film was a flop in Telugu, Prabhas Range increased in Hindi.

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Prabhas is not only a movie star but also a politician. It is an undeniable fact that the BJP has been trying for many days to use this as a political party. It is rumored that Kamalnaths descended from Prabhas as his son Krishnam Raju was in the same party.

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Now a BJP MP has been trying for him for a few days. Prabhas is currently busy with the Radhakrishna cinema. Yuvi Creations will also screen the film with a budget of over 140 crores. Some politicians are now thinking of investing crores of rupees on Prabhas as he has a good market. Now it is rumored that a BJP MP is trying to make a film with him. After the lockdown, Prabhas tweeted that Chance would try for dates.

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A BJP MP has repeatedly been asked by Prabhas's team to produce the film while Prabhas is making a big-budget film under the direction of Shankar. Not to be a producer, but at least to be a co-producer... The MP seems to be trying. He is also rumored to have discussed the issue with Prabhas. The director is also trying to talk to Shankar on the same issue... There are reports that some political figures from Tamil Nadu are moving. However, indeed, the producers are now hitting a range for Prabhas.


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