Kajal Aggarwal Left From Megastar Chiranjeevi New Movie Acharya

copyrightKajal Aggarwal Left From Megastar Chiranjeevi New Movie Acharya

Acharya's film is being directed by Koratala Siva as the hero of megastar Chiranjeevi. Trisha was selected in the film opposite Chiranjeevi. To this end, the mega-fanbase has renewed excitement and plans to replace it with Kajal Agarwal. Kajal was offered a huge remuneration to this extent. But Kajal, like Trisha, seems to have been handled by the time the coastal sets arrived. Kajal said that Tejas had refused to act in the Acharya.

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However, Kajal is known to have a strong reason for the mistake. Kajal, who was also involved in making a Tamil film along with Chiranjeevi Acharya. Dates date from July. Kajal decides to go back on the sets as the lockdown finishes next month. In fact, Kajal's part shooting in Acharya had to be completed by then. But with the lockdown interrupted, it appears to be postponed and set to return on set in July.

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Kajal, who thought it was difficult to handle the two films at the same time, was fixing to give dates to Tamil cinema. Kajal said that she had no choice but to join Chiranjeevi for lack of a way out, except to drop out of Acharya. So... Must See and Chiranjeevi 152 Movie for somebody to get back in line !.


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