Natural Star Nani Movie With Hit Movie Director?

copyrightNatural Star Nani Movie With Hit Movie Director?

Natural Star Nani... He is just as natural in films as he is on the outside. That's why Nani's movies are not super-duper hit... Good talk though. Nani has not been able to hit the latest Gang Leader movie as expected ... After that, he is planning to step into the film. Another V movie as a Nani hero is getting ready for its fans. After the film, he is ready to do Shyam Singha Roy.

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Regular shooting of the film will begin after the lockdown has been imposed due to Coronavirus. It is against this backdrop that his director, Shailesh, has given a chance to the pool to talk in Film Nagar. Nani has been eager to start with new directors. Also, Shailesh is giving a chance to the director of the pool. Shailesh recently produced a hit movie. The film is best known as a suspense thriller.

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Shailesh Pook, who got good marks as a director with the hit movie, has reportedly heard a story about Nanny as the regent. Nanny liked the story and said that he had come up with a complete script. The more talk the more likely this combination will be set. If everything goes well ... Nani's hero with the director of the hit film will be in front of the audience.


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