Movierulz Geostorm Movie: The catastrophe film has become a complete mess

copyrightMovierulz Geostorm Movie: The catastrophe film has become a complete mess

Geostorm with Gerard Butler looks anything but round. The catastrophe film was actually already finished - but was then massively changed by re-shoots and a new creative team.

Sometimes films correspond to the vision of a director and author - but often enough they are the compromise product of several creatively and financially involved. In very bad cases, something like Geostorm comes out: a kind of Frankenstein film that does not match at the back and front.

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In Geostorm satellites are going crazy, which were designed to manipulate the weather on Earth in our favor. That could have been a stupid, fun catastrophe film of the Armageddon brand (with director Dean Devlin, the co-author of Roland Emmerich's "Independence Day" and "Godzilla"). Unfortunately, there is still a terrific plot that gets way too much space.

It was obviously in the script from the start, which is problematic enough. When the film was finished, however, the film was shot on a large scale. Several figures are said to have been completely removed, others have been replaced and some have even been added from scratch.

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"Geostorm" was released in German cinemas in October 2017, even though the main filming took place in 2014. After this shoot, however, the theatrical release was only postponed several times until extensive re-shooting took place in December 2016 - however, producer Jerry Bruckheimer ("Pirates of the Caribbean"), who was brought on board after lousy test demonstrations, took command.

Bruckheimer, the new screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis ("Shutter Island") and the new director Danny Cannon ("Judge Dredd") created many new scenes without, however, making a completely new film. In our 2-star review, we comment on this:

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"This unrest in production is clearly noticeable in the finished, unbalanced and out-of-focus film."


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