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We tell you what we think about the new horror movie starring Lucy Hale and Michael Peña.

The celebration of Valentine usually coincides with the arrival of some horror film at the movies and Fantasy Island is what Sony Pictures has decided to offer us in this 2020. We have already seen this film directed by Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2 / ¿ Truth or dare?) And produced by the same producers of Let Me Out and Halloween so we have prepared our review of Fantasy Island so you know what it offers.

In Fantasy Island we accompany a group of young people who have won a contest to spend a few days at Mr. Roarke's hotel, located on a paradise island and famous for fulfilling the fantasies of all its guests mysteriously. These young people arrive on the island full of illusions and hoping to get what they have always wanted: Marry and have children, have everything in the world, enlist in the army, take revenge on the abuser of the institute ... Mr. Roarke, played by Michael Peña, is responsible for these fantasies are fulfilled, but the protagonists will not take long to realize that every fantasy has a price and that the island will make it pay.

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All this is posed freshly and entertainingly during the first act of Fantasy Island, which invites us to think that we will see a horror movie of the adolescent type in the style of the late '90s, but nothing is further from reality. When the second act begins and the thing begins to twist for the group of protagonists, the film begins to lose interest and show that the terror it promised is not such. Fantasy Island seems more like an adventure story in which the protagonists try to discover what is the mysterious force that controls the island and sins awkwardly when trying to cause terror in the viewer.

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And it is not because there are no situations that invite fear to pass on Fantasy Island, but because they are quite badly executed. Jeff Wadlow is limited to presenting some villains loaded with stereotypes and repeating situations over and over again in such a way that, when the same thing happens again like 10 minutes before with the same characters, the tension that could be at the beginning vanishes with enormous ease. But those predictable villains are not the worst we find on this Island of Fantasies. During the 110 minutes of footage, we try to explain why so many extraordinary things happen on that island, but that explanation is also quite disappointing in every way. We are faced with the typical house film enchants but with a much larger territory, without ghosts and with enough unnecessary action.

It does not help that everything is more bearable a script that has too many pointless twists, especially in the third act, and that has several considerable holes. And, when it seems that something is making sense and form in Fantasy Island, something else always happens that spoils all of the above, filling the tape of incongruities and causing us to end up joking all that comes up. In the same way, the characters, although they have a quite marked personality, perform actions that do not match what they have been demonstrating from the beginning, giving a feeling that they all move more by impulses than by logic and subtracting certain credibility from certain situations that occur towards the end of the film.

Yes, Fantasy Island has one of those absurd endings in which they try to explain so much the events that just don't make any sense. So much so that the laughter in the screening room was quite frequent during the last act of the film (and that was supposed to be a scary movie). Of course, everything is said: While it is true that the script of Fantasy Island flojea, it is also true that the main actors save the material as much as possible. 

Lucy Hale (Little Liars / Scream 4) is quite credible for a good part of the footage, Michael Peña is a master of ceremonies that only lapses in the final stretch and Jimmy Ouyang and Ryan Hansen are a pretty funny comic couple. But who really catches everyone's attention is Maggie Q, bearing the weight of the absurd script twists heroically. However, in reality, we must also recognize that the decent performance of the main actors may stand out more due to the excessive over-performance of some of the secondary ones.

The truth is that, despite being sold as a classic horror movie, in which the protagonists have a very bad time because of unknown forces, Fantasy Island ends up being anything but terrifying. And it is not because I do not try, because on more than one occasion you can see ways with some plane that invites you to look towards the bottom of the screen to see what is in the dark, but because it is not executed correctly for it. But if we forget the genre to which Fantasy Island tries to belong and we manage to ignore its inconsistencies, maybe we can enjoy an entertaining adventure movie with little dyes of terror and the occasional dose of humor.

The performance of Maggie Q.
His first act.
Some comic dialogues.

Script with meaningless twists and gaps.
Secondary very overactive.
It sells like horror tape, but it doesn't scare anything.

The verdict
Fantasy Island is one of those clumsy attempts to make terror to continually surprise the viewer with plot twists that are not necessary and with repetitions of formulas that cancel out any tension they might generate at first. The film promises emotions with its first act and part of the second but soon begins to twist as mysteries are discovered. Only saved by the interpretations of the main actors who, even with effort, fail to make the acts of their characters and dialogues logical.


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