Is Hopper still alive? Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser provides the answer

copyrightIs Hopper still alive? Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser provides the answer

Attention, spoilers for the third season "Stranger Things"! Fans of the Netflix hit can finally breathe a sigh of relief: after Sheriff Hopper's supposed death, thanks to the first teaser trailer for Season 4, we now know that he will be back.

In the latest episode of the Netflix mystery series “Stranger Things”, it looked as if Sheriff Hopper (David Harbor) had blessed the time in a Russian facility for research into the upside-down. The very last scene of the third season, which played in a Russian prison, gave a glimmer of hope.

Here it was revealed that the Soviets held someone whom they only call "the American". Although there were other theories, it was not least, after a few cryptic hints from actor David Harbor, that it was an open secret that the American in question was Hopper.

And in the above teaser on the new episodes of the mystery hit, it is finally confirmed: Hopper has actually survived and is returning in the fourth “Stranger Things” season.

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How exactly Hopper managed to escape the devastating explosion in the Russian laboratory is still unclear. One possible theory is that he was able to save himself through the crack in the upside-down and was eventually picked up by the Russians there. The fact is in any case that Hopper - with a freshly shaved head - now has to work in the freezing cold in a prison camp.

But not only the Soviet watchdogs (including apparently new cast member Tom Wlaschiha) make his life difficult, the dangers from the upside-down do not seem far. As we also saw in the last scene of season 3, the Russians not only capture people but also creatures from the dark parallel world - which of course cannot work well in the long run. And at the end of the teaser trailer above, an ominous monster sound can already be heard quietly.

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The “Stranger Things” makers Matt and Ross Duffer have already revealed that their series world will expand in the fourth season and that a substantial part of the plot will probably also take place outside the small town of Hawkins. So one of the locations will definitely be the Soviet Union, where maybe even more "Stranger Things" heroes will end up once they learn that Hopper is still alive.

It may show that the way upside down is a quick (if certainly dangerous) way to travel from one place in the world to another. However, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Co. should also have their hands full in their home country. According to the Netflix press release, a new horror is awakening there that has been hidden for a long time and connects everything together.

When the fourth season of "Stranger Things" will appear on Netflix is ​​not yet known. But since it is now in the middle of production, it could be that far in 2020. It is also still unclear whether it will be the last season of the series hit - as has been suggested several times.

However, rumors are currently circulating that Season 4 will be longer than initially thought and could, therefore, be released in two parts by Netflix (such as the upcoming fifth season of "Lucifer"). So far, however, this has not been confirmed.


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