Oka Chinna Viramam Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightOka Chinna Viramam Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Release Date: February 14, 2020 Rating: 2.25 / 5

Cast: Sanjay Verma, Naveen Nene, Rarnavi Bhoopalam, Garima Singh.

Directed by: Sundeep Cheguri

Producers: Sundeep Cheguri

Music: Bharat Machiraju

Cinematographer: Rohit Bechu

Directed by Sundeep Cheguri, Sanjay Verma and Garima Singh are the Hero heroines of the Oka Chinna Viramam film. The film was released today. Now let's go into the review and see how much the film has impressed the silver screen audience.

Sanjay Verma (Deepak) and Garima Singh (Shyam) are both Best Life Partners and Business Partners. However, returns do not come as expected in their milk business. They have a deal to do business development. The deal is coming up with a drug-like business to develop in the items they bring to their customers again and again. However, Shyam does not agree to that deal. Will Deepak, who loves money, accept the deal? What problems did he face? How did Shyam protect her husband from those problems? Do you find the people behind the deal? Things like this should be seen on the silver screen.

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Plus Points:
Launched with an innovative thriller concept, the film has a good message and some thrilling elements and visuals. Director Sandeep Cheguri has also written the storyline and night effect setup. Sanjay Verma, who plays the hero, plays well. He performed particularly well in his dialogue delivery and his body language, as well as some confused and serious sequences.

The heroine opposite Sanjay Verma, Garima Singh looks good in her homely look... She is also impressed with her performance. The actor, who plays the villain, is also very good in one and two scenes. Also, comedian Naveen Nani is the highlight of the film with his comedy timing. Another pivotal role, Rarnavi Bhoopalam also did justice to her role. The rest of the cast also performed well in their respective roles. In some scenes, he has proved that the director has good visual sense as well as comedy sense.

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Minus Points:
The concept of such a different thriller takes the film's entire premise to a lesser degree than the concept, but other than a few comedy scenes, the scenes are not as impressive. The director made a good effort to run the secondhand thrust elements with interest, but it did not work effectively on the screen. In addition to this, the film is boring, as the main mess.

Characterizations of the heroine in the film is also weak, subject to weak emotion. Most of the scenes in the movie seem too cinematic. Although the film is still interesting, it was not possible due to the script being week. That's why the director's storyline is good... The storylines are interesting.

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Technical Section:
Speaking of technicians, the music provided by the music director Bharat Machiraju seems to be just. The editor has to trim the unnecessary scenes. The cinematography by Rohit Bechu is great. Rohit Bechu works as a special attraction for the film. He made the visuals so beautiful. Director Sandeep Cheguri failed to write the right script. Never mind his direction. As a producer, Sandeep Cheguri's production values ​​are good. The cost of the story was much needed.

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Oka Chinna Viramam is an innovative concept film. Otherwise, some comedy scenes make you laugh, as well as the director's storyline. But the cinema's dramatic horizons, the main characterizations are weak, and the fake emotions in the film have hurt the film's outcome. It remains to be seen how much the Telugu audience will enjoy this movie.


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