Ashwathama Movie Review and Rating

copyrightAshwathama Movie Review and Rating

Naga Shourya is the hero of Tollywood's newest quest. From time to time he tries to impress with variant rolls. As the last few films did not work out as expected, he turned himself into a narrator and came up with Ashwathama. The film, which came out in front of the audience on 31 January, was a result of Naga Shourya. Was Ramana Raja impressed with her debut film debut? To find out the answers to the questions, know the story and articles ..

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US Return Ganha (Naga Shourya) Happy Visakhapatnam boy who enjoys life. The disappearance of the girls in Visakhapatnam and then the appearance of the next day. She then becomes pregnant for three months. His sister also faces a similar situation.

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Twists in the story
What is the conspiracy behind the kidnapping of girls in Visakha? Who kidnapped them and why? What is the reason behind the disappearance of girls? Guna has shown some solution to the injustice done to his sister. How did Guna offend the girl's kidnapping gang? The story of Ashwathama is the answer to the question of how the gang finally checked.

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Faustaf Analysis
The story begins with the scene of a girl trapping Ashwathama. Introducing the family with Pawan Kalyan's voice is special. There are interesting scenes in the first part that allow the viewer to immerse themselves in the story. Scenes like hero introduction and sister engagement are goodgood. It would be emotional to commit suicide for her beloved younger sister Priya. In the first part the narrative goes on fast.

Secondhand Analysis
In the second half, the story becomes a bit routine and seems to slow down. Most of the films made in recent times end with the feeling of Better. Entry of post-mortem specialist Dr Manoj Kumar (Jishusen Gupta) .. Secondhand begins with scenes like introducing his brutality. Manoj brutally kills the four men who accompanied Gan, showing him how much he is cruel, and goes ahead with scenes like Ganna not knowing they are dead. The story goes on, with the daughter of a prominent businessman also being kidnapped. From there, the story goes from pre-climax to interesting. The climax, however, seems to end in plain sight.

The talent of a director
Ramana Teja, who became the first film director with Ashwathama, seems to have prepared a good point. Trying to combine the film with a sister sentiment is a new thing. Otherwise, the experience of dealing with the story seems to be lacking. Otherwise, the first film director, one category is sure to win the audience.

As a defender of Naga Shourya
Naga Shourya, who is seen as a lover boy, plays a different role in Ashwathama. He got into the role of avenging the injustice of the girls and his sister. Choosing different characters without the impression of a certain image mirrored the passion of fashion. The action scenes are stunning. It seems to be an attempt to channel his talent with the family story. The story itself is remarkable.

Mehreen, in other roles
 Mehreen looks like Naga Shourya's girlfriend. The role was so poor that she was unable to show her talent. Glamor is limited to cultivating and playing games. The prince and sister of Naga Shourya's sister, Jishusen Gupta, were impressed. Other key roles include Posani.

Jibran has composed the music for Ashwathama. Two oyster sentimental songs are good. The duet feels the same with Mehrin. Cinematography by Manoj Reddy is good. Feeling that the editing department has a lot more to do. Technical team effectiveness is okay.

Ashwathama Seriously Emotional, Family Drama. The interesting point is that you have been confused about properly convening the screen. Comedy is a bit of a disappointment to the expecting audience. Serious, thriller movies like those who expect. If you reach the audience of the Bee and Sea Center, the film is a good success. Rating - 3/5

Strengths and weaknesses
Plus Points Naga Shourya, Feel Good Story Background Score
Minus Points are a few scenes that make the songs seem stretched to obstruct the story

Cast: Naga Shourya Mehreen Pirzada, Prince, Posani Krishnamuruli, Jihusen Gupta

Directed by: Ramana Teja

Story: Naga Shourya

Screenplay: Ramana Teja and Finendra Bikkina

Dialogues: Parasuram

Producer: Usha Mulpuri

Music: Gibran, Sri Charan Pakala

Cinematography: Manoj Reddy

Editing by: Garry BH

Art: Kiran Kumar Manne

Release Date: 2020-01-31


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