How many collections in Disco Raja Performance 7 days in the first week

copyrightHow many collections in Disco Raja Performance 7 days in the first week

Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja is the latest Disco raja to be a hero. Directed by VI Anand, the film was released on January 24 and completed its first week. Though the film did not make the expected range collections for the first time, the film got mixed reviews. And let's see how disco raja collections are in these 7 days.

Disco Raja has been released as VI Anand Director, Ravi Teja Acting, Sci-Fi Genre Movie. Talk about Ravi Teja's performance in Vi Anand Making in this film was good. Disco Raja has continued to run Desert Run in all areas for 7 days.

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Disco Raja Collections in 7 days
Reports have emerged that Disco Raja has earned over Rs 26 crore worldwide in the first 7 days. 23 crore in the first six days and the film has reportedly raised another Rs 3 crore on the 7th. The total number of collections in the first week was 26 crore.

Disco Raja who failed to meet expectations
Ravi Teja has a good market in the Telugu film industry. His account contains many super duper hit films. The discoraza movie was also the first sci-fi movie of his career. But after the release, the expectations were not met.

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Mass Maharaj with three heroines
In the Disco raja movie, SROT Entertainment's banner is starring Paayal Rajput, Nabha Natesh and Tanya Hope opposite Ravi Teja. Bobby Simha played a key role. Ravi Teja's performance in the film and the acting of the three heroines is not fabulous.


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