HIT Teaser: Another hit on Nani's account

copyrightHIT Teaser: Another hit on Nani's account

As a producer of Natural Star Nani's first film, 'Awe!' He is now the producer of the hit movie. Mass hero Vishwaksen Naidu, who won the blockbuster hit with 'Falaknuma Das', plays the protagonist. Ruhani Sharma is the heroine of 'Chi La Sow' Movie. Nani has released the teaser of the hit movie today. Vishwak Sen plays Vikram Sen, the investigating officer of a missing case.

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This job puts you at risk. A young woman tells Vishwaksen Naidu that you must leave this department. Vishwaksen Naidu is said to have left the department. 

Against this background, Vishwaksen Naidu's well-wishers are stabbed with a knife before their eyes. The teaser is juicy with such thrilling elements. Vishwaksen Naidu, Ruhani Sharma was the highlight of the Lip Kiss teaser. Nani captioned the teaser release of the teaser of the movie Seen the movie.

The hit team raised expectations with a teaser. If you want to know what the movie is going to look like, wait till the last week of February. Sailesh Kolanu directed the film.


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