Bigil (Whistle) Vijay Movie review Message Oriented Sports Drama

copyrightBigil (Whistle) Vijay Movie review Message Oriented Sports Drama
Bigil Movie Review:- The Bigil is the latest addition to the Attlee-Vijay duo after 'Theri' and 'Mersal'. The first episode of 'Bigil' has been a Vijay show since the announcement. Vijay is treating the fans as a double story with Rayappan and his son Michael as Bigil. Scripted by Atlee and S Ramana Giravasawa for the story of Atlee. Nayanthara is the heroine of Vijay.

Raiyappan is a village located in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Rayappan's reasoning is that he is carrying the weapon because people have lost confidence in the police and the authorities. But Rayappan is raising his son Michael as a sports star. He believes that the noise of Bigil in the stadium will bring change to the new generation. The movie, which also exposes the politics of sports, gives the actor a better actor than Vijay through his character Rayappan. Vijay has been able to perform well in the emotional scene.

Atlee is designed to inspire women who are marginalized in the second half of the society and to bring them to the forefront. The picture shows a man and a woman who lost their face in an acid attack and the girl who was shut in the kitchen after the wedding. Atley, the director, gets his hands on a hugely important issue as a Vijay action film.

The Nayanthara and Vijay combination was good. During the Vijay Mas show, Atlee also made space for Nayantara in the film. AR Rahman's songs were enjoyable. The first half was Verithanam and the second half was inspired by the song 'Singappenne'. In the second half, the film becomes a sports drama. Kathir, Vivek, Jackie Shroff, Yogi Babu, IM Vijayan, Rebecca Monica John, and Varsha Bollamma are the other main stars of the film.

The duration of the film is three hours. Attlee has been able to prepare Big for the length of time so as not to offend the audience. Vijay's attempts at humor may seem ridiculous at times, but the character Rayappan is getting his hands on. The climax reminds us of Shah Rukh Khan 'Chakde India'. Following the formula of Vijay's film, the film gives the average viewers an average viewing experience while satisfying their fans.

Ruben's editing, JK Vishnu's camera, and AR Rahman's background music have been successful in maintaining the film's feel. Anal Arashin's conflict in the first half is also captured.

'Bigil' can be bought as a Vijay celebration without comparing it to previous models.


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