Karthi's 'Kaithi' Review with deadly action, No song, no heroine

copyrightKarthi's 'Kaithi' Review with deadly action, No song, no heroine

Karthi's 'Kaithi' Review:- with deadly action, No song, no heroine. One of the most intriguing aspects of Karthi's film was his ad campaign for 'Kaithi'. Everyone was wondering what the film would be like as it was coming up with the winner's 'Biggle' Mass. The film is a much-anticipated film by Kerala Sam as the music director of the movie, 'Mohanud's Own Narain' is playing the lead role.

It does not disappoint, but it must be said that there is nothing new or different about a theater-oriented action film. But nowhere in the film does the film have to be given a hundred marks to keep the audience's attention away from the script.

The film captures the audience's attention by telling the story in two lively tracks. The team led by the Tiruchirappalli City Police Commissioner and Special Task Force headed by Bijou (Narain) are on the hunt for drugs and explosives worth Rs 840 crore.

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But the throat was caught and the accused could not be apprehended. As Bijou and his team attempt to do so, the drug lobby launches its revenge campaign against the police. To begin with, they are mixing some special drugs in the liquor bar that the DIG has organized at his residence ahead of his retirement.

With this, all the senior police officers of the city become unconscious. But Commissioner Bijoy did not drink alcohol alone. This time, Dili (Karthi), who has been released after serving 10 years in prison, has become a blessing to the Commissioner.

The constant numbers of mainstream films that make the hero superhuman, and the inability of the director and his crew to make Carthy superhuman, make the film sound like a question mark.

Especially the scenes of Karthi's character, who gets a four-inch sting and then jumps in the air. The film's overall treatment, however, seems to touch the mind of the audience, even though it is written in a post that invites the audience to a theater called No Romance. That is why, despite the killings, beatings, and thumps, the audience, like many Tamil films, will not be offended by the blood. This is what sets Kaithi apart.

Kaithi also emphasized that singing and dancing are not an essential part of mainstream cinema. The film has succeeded in convincing the audience and the director of Lokesh Kanakaraj. Sam's background music was the biggest contributor to this. 'Kaithi' has been made fun of by the likes of Karthi, Narain, George Marian, and Police Officer Ijaz Ahmed.

Actor Karthi has once again made a cameo appearance in Tamil cinema with distinctive roles in several hit films like 'Puruthi Veeran', 'Madras' and 'Dheeran Adhikaram Center'. Director Lokesh Kanakaraj's second film, 'Managaram', has attracted the attention of the audience.

The crime thriller is based on a story that takes place overnight. Harish Parady, Ramana, Deena George, Maryam, Harish Uthaman, Assad, and Arjun Das are the other stars of the film.


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