Abominable Review: Completely for children An adult will get bored too much

copyrightAbominable Review: Completely for children An adult will get bored too much

Abominable Review: The study of how to train your dragon presents a new atypical story of friendship between humans and beasts thought almost entirely for children.

yi, a young teenager who lives in the super metropolis of Shanghai is one day at Yeti on the roof of her house. The creature is injured and needs help to escape its pursuers. Together with his friends, Jin and Peng, he embarks on a trip through China fleeing the organization that wants to capture the ‘Abominable Snowman’.

Sometimes you get the impression that ‘Hollywood’ finds a reef and puts all its machinery to exploit that grain until it ends. In 1998 it was the meteorites. With Armageddon (Michael Bay) and Deep Impact (Mimi Leder), they gave way to a new golden age of catastrophic cinema. We have been extracting zombie ore for more than a decade and, although it seems to be depleting, from time to time a lucky miner bites where another had not done it and manages to load another truck (such as Train to Busan from Yeon Sang-ho, 2016).

For some years the Big Foot and the Yeti have starred in several animated films such as The Son of Bigfoot (Ben Stassen and Jeremy Degruson, 2017), Smallfoot (Karey Kirkpatrick, 2018) or the most recent Mr. Link: The Lost Origin ( Chris Butler, 2019). Looking at the billboard we could be facing the nth copy of the same story but I would dare to say that this movie could well be considered as the ‘original’ piece that gave way to the Yeti / Big Foot cycle.

I explain Jill Culton, who was the main screenwriter of the movie Monstruos, S.A. (Pixar, 2001) and was involved in Toy Story 2 (Pixar 1999) and Bugs: A miniature adventure (1998) ended up in 2010 in DreamWorks Animation. With the script for a movie about a girl and a Yeti under his arm, he got down to work. After a crazy production in 2016, Jill was replaced in the direction by Tim Johnson (Antz, 1998). However, in February 2018, Jill returned to the load and finished the project.

The film is a Chinese-American co-production that has had the Pearl studio of the Asian country. In addition to the strategic alliance involved in launching a film with an autochthonous studio, Pearl has added great value to the film with a wealth of information about Chinese culture and landscapes that are one of the great details of the movie. Recreation and how it shows through its adventure the magnificent mountains and villages comparing them with the big city delights an audience that increasingly has the opportunity to meet them. The realism (within what animation allows) of its people, its flora and fauna, create proximity to a fantastic story.

Music, one of the great components of the film, has an impressive bill. With the bonus track of having a version of Fix You from Cold Play in one of the most emotional moments of the film. Jill tells how while writing the script of the movie I listened to different songs to mentally evoke images and that Fix You fit like a glove. Chris Martin, the Coldplay vocalist, was delighted with the arrangements that were made and how they fit in the film and allowed it to be used (although for his premiere in China his voice was changed to that of an Asian girl). The violin, fundamental piece in the tape, (practically recreates another character, that of Yi's father) plays a fundamental role and is a great success when it comes to dealing with the musical element, the great trick of “Abominable”.

Finally, it should be remembered that the film is designed for children, appeals to the dreamy, adventurous and largely playful character that defines this tender age. Our hairy protagonist looks for his parents, Yi, on the other hand, remembers his. Do not fool yourself if you think you are watching a hooligan movie designed for children and adults like Angry Birds: The Movie (2016). No, this story is only for children, and they will love it.

Plus Points 
Emotional story
Beautiful landscapes of great technical quality.
The Fix You version of Cold Play

Minus Points
Completely for children; An adult will get bored too much.

The verdict

The study of how to train your dragon again presents us with an atypical story of the connection that is generated between a human and a beast. It is not Pixar, but the technical and musical quality is very good and the landscapes are fabulous. For an adult it is predictable, but the children will be delighted.


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