Trailer to the horror movie "Countdown": This app knows when you die

copyrightTrailer to the horror movie "Countdown": This app knows when you die

A new smartphone app predicts the exact time of death of the user. Fake or cruel reality? In the first trailer for the horror movie "Countdown" you will learn:

A new app comes on the market, which displays a countdown when opening, which allegedly counts down the time until the exact time of death of the user. Sounds like a lot of humbucking first. But it dawns on a young nurse (Anne Winters) that the application might be able to say the cruel truth. She goes on a search for traces. But time is running - because according to the death app their days should be counted very, very soon ...

The idea that people learn when they die is not entirely new. Among other things, the Belgian comedy "The Brand New Testament" (2015) already said that the daughter of God (and thus the sister of Jesus) out of anger about her violent and grumpy, but also almighty father just this information to all Earth dwellers.

But even as the basis for a horror film sounds promising this premise - remains only the question of whether director and screenwriter Justin Dec have made a convincing ninety minutes from it. Horror fans in the US and some other countries can find out by the end of October 2019, when "countdown" appears there for the home theater. In this country, we still have to be patient, because of a German launch date, there is unfortunately not yet.


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