David Fincher’s World War Z 2 Would Have Been ‘Really Good,’ According To Brad Pitt

copyrightDavid Fincher’s World War Z 2 Would Have Been ‘Really Good,’ According To Brad Pitt

"Ad Astra" star Brad Pitt is convinced: David Fincher's "World War Z 2" would have been great

Right now Brad Pitt can be seen in "Ad Astra" in German cinemas. On the promotional tour for the film he also talked about another project that did not get going for years: "World War Z 2"!

It has been over six years since "World War Z" was released in 2013. After the zombie action drama with superstar Brad Pitt, despite many problems and exploding costs was a great success, a sequel was quickly decided. Onboard of this was then suddenly David Fincher as a director, which sounded like a sensational choice. But now he's out again, the zombie sequel is on ice. And according to Pitt, that's why we missed a lot.

On the promotional tour of his current movie "Ad Astra", the actor betrayed Collider's colleagues a little bit about David Fincher's "World War Z 2". They had a "really good, really strong story" that Fincher co-developed. "The things he has planned, you have not seen so far," treasured the superstar also extraordinary ideas of the acclaimed filmmaker behind works such as "Fight Club", "Seven" and "The Social Network".


What Fincher has planned for "World War Z 2", we may see some time in the future - only in a very different film. At least Pitt is convinced that Fincher will use these ideas in some other substance. He probably will not return to "World War Z 2". At the beginning of February 2019, it was announced that the project was on hold. At that time, above all, the horrendous costs that would have devoured a planned turn in five different countries were cited.

Later, however, the message went round that the cost was only a factor, more important is that the producing studio expected a ban on the film in China. There are often banned representations of the undead, also Brad Pitt is still considered persona non grata because he once played the lead role in "Seven Years in Tibet". The drama of Jean-Jacques Annaud is still classified there as anti-Chinese propaganda. And since China is now the second most important audience market in the world, you no longer wanted to produce an expensive blockbuster that you would never expect to run there.


While we may not see Brad Pitt as fast as Gerry Lane in the fight against the zombie epidemic, fortunately, there are plenty of other roles with the star that is just making a lot of difference. This includes "Ad Astra - to the stars," which runs since 20 September 2019 in Indian cinemas.


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