This deleted scene from 'Spider-Man: Far from home' is the worst nightmare of arachnophobes

copyrightThis deleted scene from 'Spider-Man: Far from home' is the worst nightmare of arachnophobes

Henrik Tamm, a Marvel artist, has shared several illustrations of Tom Holland's film.

Spider-Man: Far from home he introduced Mysterio, the villain who can create illusions to confuse his victims, thus creating some of the most terrifying scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The team worked hard to devise the hallucinogenic sequences and, as often happens, several ideas were discarded.

Henrik Tamm, an artist who works in the visual department of Marvel, has shared on his Instagram account several illustrations of scenes that failed to be recorded. One of them shows Peter Parker trapped in a spider web and surrounded by giant spiders. Come on, a real nightmare for arachnophobes (and those that are not). As he writes in the description, Tamm made these paintings at the beginning of production.

Mysterio's capabilities gave a lot of play so that the writers were as creative as possible. This allowed them to explore hallucinations of all kinds and lead Spider-Man to explore somewhat surreal dimensions. Tamm speaks of this work as something very "exploratory", which makes us think that many concepts were left out.

If you are a fan of creative work in these types of films, we strongly advise you to take a look at the artist's account, as it is plagued with his work in Spider-Man: Away from home.


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