Next attempt: This director should finally bring "Uncharted" with Tom Holland on the screen

copyrightNext attempt: This director should finally bring "Uncharted" with Tom Holland on the screen

Four directors were to direct the filming of the video game "Uncharted" already but got out again. Now it's up to "Bumblebee" maker Travis Knight.

David O. Russell ("The Fighter"), Seth Gordon ("Baywatch") and Shawn Levy ("Stranger Things") and Dan Trachtenberg ("10 Cloverfield Lane") had already agreed to sell the popular video game series "Uncharted" to treasure hunters Nathan Drake (played by Tom Holland) on the screen. But each of them left the project again - most recently Trachtenberg in August.

Because Studio Sony Pictures wants to hold the theatrical release on December 17, 2020, however, and shooting must start at the very latest by the beginning of 2020, one did not wait long and negotiated directly with possible successors. The favorite was from the beginning "Bumblebee" director Travis Knight - and as Deadline reports exclusively, it will probably be now. The timetable can, therefore, most likely be met, "Uncharted" will be released at the end of next year.


Although it is not yet officially known what the "Uncharted" movie will look like, it is clear that it will be a prequel to the video game series - starring Tom Holland is finally only 23, the Nathan Drake in the four Games much older. The prehistory of the ludicrous treasure hunter has been hinted at only by occasional flashbacks.

By the way, "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston could play a bigger role in the "Uncharted" movie - at least that was reported in 2017. Since then, however, two directors have left the project, Shawn Levy and Dan Trachtenberg. Whether Cranston actually belongs to the cast can therefore not be said with certainty.


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