"Aladdin" on DVD and Blu-ray: There was no such thing in the cinema

copyright"Aladdin" on DVD and Blu-ray: There was no such thing in the cinema

In the cinema, Guy Ritchie's "Aladdin" remake became an absolute mega-hit and ultimately grossed over $ 1 billion worldwide. Starting today, the Disney adventure is finally available for home - on DVD and Blu-ray as well as in 3D and 4K.

Fortunately, after the theatrical release of Guy Ritchie's "Aladdin," Disney fans did not have to wait 1001 nights to see the real-life 1992 animated comeback in their own home. Only four months after the release, Agrabah's adventure is now also available for home cinema.

After Disney already released the film as a video-on-demand on September 20, 2019, the mega-hit is now finally available on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Blu-ray. Also, "Aladdin" was donated to a 3D release that is anything but taken for granted these days! 3D friends who are less and less often satisfied, so have every reason to enjoy!


According to the standard, fans in home cinema, of course, want to offer more than just what moviegoers saw in the spring. In addition to a video diary and short clips to, among others, director Guy Ritchie and his approach to the film, there is also an extra dose of Disney magic.

Also, six cut scenes did not make it to the final movie. For example, "Prince Anders's Gift" is especially funny when Billy Magnussen takes his over-exaggerated game to the extreme or "Wrong Wishes" when it is made clear that it is not a good idea to wish to be desired by all women.

Also, three music videos await you on "A Whole New World" and "Speechless", to which we even credit Oscar chances. Also on it: the song "Desert Moon" by the eight-time Oscar winner and music genius Alan Menken, which was also not heard in the cinema!


Also, the home theater is the perfect place to go in search of well-hidden, sometimes more obvious allusions in the film. Because for Disney is well known. And in contrast to the cinema, you can also pause the movie at home comfortably, rewind and watch scenes over and over again. And then you can also find some references in "Aladdin" ...

For example, in the scene where jinni (Will Smith) gives his buddy Aladdin (Mena Massoud) the necessary jerk to approach Jasmin (Naomi Scott) on the dance floor. Actually, it's hardly noticeable, but whoever looks closely will see behind the Will of Smith embodied genie in the palace circular ornaments in the palace, which is undoubtedly an indication of Disney's great brand: Mickey Mouse.

Will Smith's funny insets are also reminiscent of his previous roles. Fans of his cult series "The Prince of Bel-Air" can look forward to two allusions: In the "Friend Like Me" scene, the flying carpet does not quite by chance dance the Carlton - the dance that took place in the 90s Series is repeatedly celebrated by Will's cousin Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro). As Jinni from Aladdin to make a prince, he also puts him briefly in pink-green clothing, which is held in the colors of the "Fresh Prince" lettering.

In the scene where Jinni interrogates his master Aladdin about his adored one, one also sees in the background the magical carpet that is currently building a sandcastle. If you look closely, you will immediately realize that this is a fairly accurate replica of the Cinderella Castle that we see before every Disney movie. This becomes even clearer when the carpet finally spreads a little sand over the castle - symbolic of the glitter in the well-known Disney intro. Here's a quick look into the scene:

And when Aladdin tries to explain to Jasmin that he is indeed a prince, he should finally show her on the map, where his kingdom is at all. Jinni helps his partner and manipulates the card accordingly. In addition to the fictional Ababwa, Fantasyland and Adventureland are also on paper - these are popular Disneyland attractions.

Last but not least, the animated versions of some characters get a short appearance. In a graph in which Jinni illustrates the power relations of Aladdin, the Sultan and himself, the three do not look like they do in the movie, but in the cartoon version from the 90s.

"Aladdin" is available since 26 September 2019 on DVD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, and 4K Blu-ray.


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