"Ad Astra": We explain the controversial end of the spectacular sci-fi drama

copyright"Ad Astra": We explain the controversial end of the spectacular sci-fi drama

Brad Pitt, a stoic astronaut in James Gray's "Ad Astra", fights 2.7 billion miles through Neptune to find his fate. We look at the controversial final and arrange.

With the towering and cumbersome "Ad Astra," director James Gray ("The Sunken City Z") staged more in the footsteps of "2001 - A Space Odyssey" (1968) and "Solaris" (1972) than highly entertaining ones Audience Achievements "Gravity" (2013) and "Interstellar" (2014).

On the one hand, there is the idiosyncratic narrative speed of the science-fiction thriller drama, which stars Brad Pitt ("Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood") on one of the planet's biggest stars in a 90-million-dollar prestige production is up to date. And the action scenes are outstanding in themselves but only rarely sown. This ambitious approach irritates many viewers.

For the psychologization of the main character of the astronaut and space engineer Roy McBride (Brad Pitt), who is to make contact with his loss on the Neptune Father Clifford (Tommy Lee Jones) to save the earth from an electromagnetic disaster, takes a lot of space,

                    Attention: From here spoiler to the end

And exactly this development is resolved in the last few minutes of "Ad Astra" quite controversial. For 3MovieRulz critic Christoph Petersen draws the end, which he devalues ​​as "kitchen psychology", the otherwise great movie a bit down because the ultimate realization is conceivably simple.

The Core of the End: In order to overcome his own closeness to the world in general and his estranged wife Eve (Liv Tyler) in particular, McBride first has to deal with his own trauma, having once been abandoned by his fanatical father Clifford along with his mother because his dad, as an astronaut, fully committed himself to the Lima Project (and then disappeared altogether). Emotionally cool, analytical and always controlled, Roy does not let anyone approach him. His pulse never goes 80 beats per minute or faster.


After the dissolution of the self-looser, pessimistic loner Roy McBride an optimistic (he) man, who returns full of energy to earth and ties back to his wife.

His father was for 16 years as missing and allegedly dead, after Clifford McBride on the journey to Neptune to investigate extraterrestrial life. McBride killed the mutinous crew on the way and maniacally stuck to his destination. The electromagnetic waves that threaten life on Earth in the present are direct consequences of mutiny because it caused a meltdown.

Upon arriving at Lima Station, Roy not only learns the truth about his father but also that he was never able to contact extraterrestrials. On the way to the rescuing spaceship Sapius (the Lima station is in self-destruct mode), there is an altercation between father and son - with Roy eventually separating the safety line to Clifford to survive. His father voluntarily trundles into certain death in the depths of space.

With this, Roy accepts that he no longer needs to emulate his former role model and open up to other people on earth - first and foremost, his wife Eve. The shadows of the past are gone...


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