What about Star Trek 4 and Tarantino's Star Trek? That's why there's new hope for the movie series

copyrightWhat about Star Trek 4 and Tarantino's Star Trek? That's why there's new hope for the movie series

After 2018 "Star Trek 4" was put on hold, it looked in terms of further cinema adventure of the Enterprise only bad. But now the franchise is to get a new boss. Fans may hope again ...

"Star Trek" began on television, but since 1979, in addition to numerous TV series also 13 movies. In 2009, J.J. Abrams reboots with his reboot, starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, rekindling through the movie franchise - but in 2016, the series was slack again: "Star Trek Beyond" is a fun-filled space adventure that even ends with its ground mission A bit reminiscent of the glory days of the first Enterprise crew, but unfortunately too few people came in.

While Studio Paramount began work on "Star Trek 4," Chris Pines and Chris Hemsworth (who returned as Kirk's dad) could not agree on a salary with the studio. Without them, Paramount did not want to continue the project - and the Star Trek movie conceived by cult director Quentin Tarantino has been much talked about in interviews over the past few months, but then it did not get any more concrete. Now, however, where media company Viacom (to which Paramount belongs) and broadcaster CBS merge, it would also be possible to reflect on the cinema future of "Star Trek".


CBS is responsible for the "Star Trek" series - on the small screen, the franchise is flourishing thanks to "Star Trek Discovery", the upcoming Picard comeback series and other projects. The merger of Viacom and CBS is now accompanied by the promise that "Star Trek" wants to get going on all of the company's platforms, including the cinema. Crucial as this nebulous announcement is that the entire franchise - movies like series - in the future to get a new captain: David Stapf, head of the CBS television studios.

The industry magazine Deadline reports on this plan, which should still be at an early stage. If we assume that this plan will not change yet, Stapf will also decide if and which "Star Trek" movies will be released next. Now CBS television studio boss Stapf is indeed a TV man, who supervised plenty of series since 2004, including the hits "CSI: Miami" and "Two And A Half Men", but it's not about what he is the most understands - it is important that he could look like a new "Star Trek" franchise boss with a fresh look on what is possible in the cinema.


As Paramount had the shots, it was obviously decided to let the Cinema-Enterprise first in the spaceport (the still relatively new management floor drives an austerity course). However, David Stapf is likely to reevaluate things, bearing in mind that ViacomCBS boss Bob Bakish has also promised new Star Trek movies to investors. Here are several scenarios conceivable.

If Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine continue to be overpriced for "Star Trek 4", just wait a few more years and then develop the next reboot with a new, cheaper cast. The break would increase the hunger of the cinema audience. Or you can still lure Hemsworth and Pine back - for Quentin Tarantino's "Star Trek".

The master-director, whose new film "Once Upon A Time ... In Hollywood" starts on August 15, 2019, has come up with an idea for a "Star Trek" film, which he calls himself "Pulp Fiction" in the Space ". Mark L. Smith ("The Revenant") turned that idea into the first draft of a screenplay. The story plays in the timeline with Pine and Hemsworth.

Maybe Tarantino will then even stage this film himself - and in this case, the two leading actors are likely to compromise on their fee. Because Tarantino is one of the directors for whom actors forego money in advance just to work with him (which, of course, could pay off), it is said that Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt took less money for Once Upon A Time but at the same time have completed lucrative backend contracts, with which they participate in the profits of the film).

Conclusion: It may not be safe and everything in the flow. "Star Trek" fans now have a little more reason to hope. Energy!


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