Godzilla Vs Kong: Against this mighty monster Godzilla could start next

copyrightGodzilla Vs Kong: Against this mighty monster Godzilla could start next

Newspaper clippings point in the credits of "Godzilla 2" to the future. In the cinema, these pictures scurried by quickly. But since August 13, 2019, the film is available digitally in the US and fans can finally pause the picture...

Everything could be so calm and peaceful: In Godzilla 2: King Of The Monsters, the titular atomic giant lizard has taken control of the titans of this world, and in the coming co-existence between humans and monsters, obviously, there is a great environmental benefit for our planet.

Stupid only that the terrorist organization around Alan Jonah (Charles Dance) in the end secured the head of the alien King Ghidorah and the giant monkey King Kong Godzillas reputation has not followed. This will inevitably lead to an epic duel between the two Titans, such as the title of MonsterVerse's next film, "Godzilla Vs. Kong, "suggests.

How exactly this could happen, as the newspaper clippings in the credits of "Godzilla 2". While they ran far too fast in the cinema, fans in the US no longer have this problem. Since August 13, 2019 "Godzilla 2: King Of The Monsters" can be seen digitally on iTunes and Co. This was taken as an opportunity on Reddit to pause the already much-discussed newspaper clippings in the credits of "Godzilla 2" and once again carefully examined - with amazing implications for the upcoming monster movie.


First of all, it seems clear that in "Godzilla Vs. Kong "will return to Skull Island. The newspaper reports show that the island home of the "Kong: Skull Island" clearly grown giant monkeys is central to the origin story of the monster. Probably associated with the "Hollow Earth" theory, which we already know from the other films of MonsterVerse.

The Titans are virtually all moved to Skull Island, as observed by the government organization Monarch. According to the film's official synopsis, it also goes there on a mission to explore the origin of the Titans. For example, did the monsters appear to return to their birthplace and pay homage to Kong?

This means that King Kong could well be the real, ancient king of the giants. No wonder he did not recognize Godzilla's reign. But if the Atomechse will really let that sit on itself? A rivalry between the two since the beginning of time is also not ruled out according to this picture. That is probably why the two have met before.


As we already reported, good Mothra is probably not really dead. At least one report shows an egg that comes from the giant moth. Mothra is in contrast to the other Titans in an eternal life rhythm of death and rebirth. Very likely, then, that we have this fan favorite in "Godzilla Vs. Kong "again.

Most interesting, however, is the mention of "mechanical giants" in a newspaper report in which Monarch allegedly works to compete against the Titans. Translated in the article:

"(...) claims that Monarch not only develops his own mechanical giants on Skull Island, but has in the past tried to create his own Titans, and that is the reason for many of the recent Titan incidents."

This immediately connects me to Mechagodzilla, who is a man-made weapon in some of the old Toho movies to fight against Godzilla. It is quite possible that this will also be the case in the fourth MonsterVerse movie. Could this be Jonah's plan from "Godzilla 2"? Create your own artificial Titan with Gidorah's head? A Mechagodzilla?

And was that the whole project of Monarch? That would suddenly show the organization in a much darker light than before. After all, according to the official synopsis, an institution is announced for the film whose goal is to destroy all the titans, whether good or evil. A spin-off of Monarch? It is definitely possible.

The answers to these exciting questions and whether Mechagodzilla or any other form of him will actually be the next opponent Godzilla and/or Kongs, we learn no later than March 12, 2020. Then "Godzilla Vs. Kong in the cinema.


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