a superheroine is upset, Shooting Star becomes a kick-ass detective Constance Verity

copyrighta superheroine is upset, Shooting Star becomes a kick-ass detective Constance Verity

A. Lee Martinez has earned a loyal readership with his humorous fantasy novels. He is currently working on the "Constance Verity" trilogy. And their kick-off is now also in the cinema - with shooting star Awkafina in the lead role.

With "Constance Verity. Galaktisch-ingenious superheroine "and the not yet available in German translation" Constance Verity Saves the World "are so far two of planned three novels of a series by A. Lee Martinez published. The focus is on Constance Verity, who has superpowers. With these, she has been saving the world and the universe for almost three decades. But she does not feel like it anymore. She finally wants to be a Normal, go to work daily, have a love relationship. To do this, she has to kill the good fairy who gave her her powers. But she comes to a conspiracy on the track ...

Soon, bad ace detective Constance Verity, with her outstanding martial arts skills and mystical weapons, also had her adventures in the movies. Hollywood studio Legendary Entertainment has now announced that it has secured the rights to Martinez's novel series and wants to bring "The Last Adventure Of Constance Verity" (as well as the original title of the first book) to the cinemas. The production company behind films such as "Watchmen", "Pacific Rim" and the "Hangover" series has already bought in addition to the novel rights written by author John Raffo ("The Relic") on their own script written. And there is also a leading actress.


Because Constance Verity is to be embodied on the big screen by shooting star Awkwafina. The Nora Lim-born rapper is currently in Hollywood, like no other actress. Having made her breakthrough as a musician in 2012 and debuted on the big screen in a supporting role in "Bad Neighbors 2" in 2016, she has been making a real start since 2018. So she inspired the audience as a funny scene thief in both the comedy surprise hit "Crazy Rich" and in "Ocean's 8".

The graduate journalist, who published her very own travel guide for her hometown New York City in 2015 and landed "The Farewell" one of the US Indie Cinema hit of the year 2019, is currently getting role offerings for role offerings. She will soon be seen in the sequels "Jumanji 2: The Next Level" and "Angry Birds 2", was brought to Disney for the remake of "Arielle" as well as for the Marvel action-maker "Shang-Chi", plays a role in the starred Netflix prestige production "The Prom" and now becomes Constance Verity.

Incidentally, while Constance Verity is depicted on the German book cover of Piper's published series with pale skin and wavy blond hair, the superheroine looks quite different on the original American books:

For A. Lee Martinez, who has developed a loyal fan base since 2006 with his humorously enriched fantasy books, it could become the first filming of one of his works. For his debut novel "Diner of horror. We are serving Armageddon with French fries! "As well as for his 2009 book" The Automatic Detective. It will be rusted later! "He has already sold the film rights, but it is currently unlikely that the originally planned filming of" Men In Black "director Barry Sonnenfeld and producer David Fincher will come yet.

No timetable for the production of "The Last Adventure Of Constance Verity" is yet to be known, so it can not be foreseen when the movie might hit theaters.


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