The scandal around Once Upon a Time In Hollywood: PETA raises charges against Quentin Tarantino

copyrightThe scandal around Once Upon a Time In Hollywood: PETA raises charges against Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino's ninth film triggers debate after debate. After being criticized for the portrayal of Sharon Tate and Bruce Lee, he now gets involved with the animal rights activists.

In recent weeks Quentin Tarantino has been repeatedly criticized for his new movie "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood". For example, Bruce Lee's daughter accused him of portraying her father as an "arrogant asshole full of hot air." 

He is also said by some critics and viewers to pay too little attention to Sharon Tate in the film and to make women appear fundamentally in a questionable light. PETA is now also following: The animal welfare organization accuses the filmmaker of supporting animal cruelty. The trigger is a small but crucial detail on Brandy, the pit bull of Brad Pitt's stuntman Cliff Booth.


The four-legged buddy of Booth, who owns some of the funniest scenes in the movie together with his master, has cropped ears. This refers to an operation that is performed solely for aesthetic and not for health reasons. This mutilation is mainly used by Pitbulls to make them look more dangerous, which ultimately creates a distorted image of animals in society. PETA has clear words for Tarantino's misstep:

"Pit bulls are among the most abused animals. For his film 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood', Tarantino Pitbulls, with cropped ears from a notorious breeder, used it to lighten the situation for the dogs, "says an official statement. 

"It's this portrayal of the dogs that makes pit bulls continue to be status symbols. [...] With the depiction in the film Tarantino has trampled on the years of efforts to protect the animals. He should be ashamed. "Tarantino has not commented on the allegations so far.


Animal abuse in the film is unfortunately not uncommon. To deliberately showcase the suffering of animals - as in "Cannibal Holocaust", in which director Ruggero Deodato even had a turtle killed - is virtually nonexistent nowadays. In 2017, a video from the set of Lasse Halmström's "Bailey - A Friend for Life" caused a sensation. To see in it: A German shepherd dog, who seems to resist with all his strength against being thrown into a pool of rushing water. 

After a cut you finally see crew members rushing to help the dog, who is now underwater. PETA even called for a boycott of the film, the premiere was canceled - later it turned out, however, that the video was cut extra manipulative to provoke. Dog Hercules went and is fine.

Anyway, PETA supporters and John Wick actor Keanu Reeves should not have let the latest news down. Well, cropped ears are probably no reason to actually put one on John Wick and eliminate anyone who had anything to do with it. 

Nonetheless, the action star has a heart for animals not only in the movie but in real life as well - and is therefore also campaigning for PETA on PETA's side. A fan of Tarantino should not be the 54-year-old at the latest after "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" but not (anymore)


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