After Hobbs & Shaw: Deadpool creator Dwayne Johnson wants to bring in the Marvel universe

copyrightAfter Hobbs & Shaw: Deadpool creator Dwayne Johnson wants to bring in the Marvel universe

Dwayne Johnson not only lets the "Fast & Furious" spin-off "Hobbs & Shaw" crackle but also qualifies for his first appearance in a Marvel movie - at least Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld thinks.

Dwayne Johnson was already a decent muscle pack as a wrestler - but in the last few years, the impression is growing that the superstar, now an action hero of an entire generation, is getting bigger, bigger and stronger. With his stature, he almost reminds of the good, old action figures. So it's all the more astonishing that in the course of the superhero hype we have not yet seen him in the role of a comic book hero. But it should not be long now!

While the DC movie "Black Adam", in which he is to play the title role, is still in the planning stage, Marvel seems to be interested in the Samoan. After Johnson in May 2019 already hinted something in this direction, now Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld approached him in public. Because Liefeld wants to have Dwayne Johnson necessarily in the next "Deadpool" movie!

Attention, there are spoilers for "Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw"!

Liefeld had heard that Johnson had harmonized so well with a mutual friend on the set of "Hobbs & Shaw", that the next logical step would be a further collaboration. Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds, of course, has a funny guest appearance (and even a double role) in the "Fast & Furious" spin-off. "You are a natural and [Garrison] Kane is the darling of millions of comics fans," Liefeld Johnson tries to make the role on Twitter palatable. 

Johnson responded promptly, confirming what the comic book author heard about his collaboration with Reynolds, and inquired directly into the not-so-familiar Marvel character. Yes, who is this Garrison Kane anyway?


We've wondered in the past which character Dwayne Johnson could play in the MCU - Nova, The Thing or maybe Wonder Man? No, now it seems that Garrison Kane, also known as Weapon X alongside Wade Wilson, has the best chance. Kane was once part of Cables' team of contract killers and received a cybernetic upgrade through the Weapon X program after losing his arms and legs. 

Since then, he has been superhumanly fast and strong, and his senses have been sharpened so he can see in the dark and be aware of stalking enemies miles away. He can transform his arms of liquid metal into a variety of weapons, and thanks to a sophisticated interface, he can download all the data of even the most complex computer systems to use this information in the fight against his enemies.

Whether or not we will soon see Dwayne Johnson as another Weapon X alongside Deadpool remains to be seen. Because right now it is nothing more than the desire of comic book author Rob Liefeld, who would like to see the superstar in one of his stories. 

That we could actually see Johnson in a Marvel movie soon seems quite possible. First of all, but any way to clarify whatever happens with "Deadpool 3" - currently many fans are still worried that the anti-hero with the big flap under Disney could lose much of its character.


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