New films have a hard time: The Lion King continues to rule the German cinema charts

copyrightNew films have a hard time: The Lion King continues to rule the German cinema charts

Last weekend, new films did not stand a chance against veterans like "The Lion King", "Hobbs & Shaw" and "Spider-Man: Far From Home". But starting this week high-profile competition threatens ...

According to colleagues from Blickpunkt: Film, Simba defended his kingdom against intruders for the fourth time in a row: "The Lion King" attracted 405,000 viewers to the cinema, despite or even due to high temperatures. Meanwhile, the lion remake in this country already recorded an impressive 3.5 million visitors.

Also, the other places of the Top 5 are occupied with films, which ran already strongly at the weekends before. The rather weak newcomers to the cinema this time had little chance to arrive against it. A total of 1.33 million people sat in front of a big screen last weekend to watch the top 20 of the movie charts.


In second place after "The Lion King" is the "Fast & Furious" abuser "Hobbs & Shaw" with Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in the lead roles. 285,000 moviegoers wanted to watch their epic confrontation with Idris Elba. However, the 1 million visitor mark has not yet been cracked.

Third place is occupied by the Eberhofer thriller "Leberkäsjunkie" with 165,000 spectators, 4th place of the animation duration burner since June, "Pets 2". The pet adventure has topped the 2 million visitor mark with 95,000 viewers on the seventh weekend as one of five films so far in 2019. With 55,000 spectators, the Marvel hit "Spider-Man: Far From Home" is in 5th place.


In the meantime, the best newcomer of the week is the South Korean documentary "Bring The Soul: The Movie", which reaches # 6 with 35,000 visitors. The restarts are much further back: "And who takes the dog?" With Ulrich Tukur and Martina Gedeck (27,500 spectators, 10th place), "Fisherman's Friends" with James Purefoy (15,000 spectators, 14th place) and "Like you want me "with Juliette Binoche (7,500 spectators, 20th place).

In the currently somewhat monotonous acting German cinema charts will be blowing but next week, probably some fresh wind, because Simba and Spider-Man get tangible competition. Potentially high-volume films such as Seth Rogen's comedy "Good Boys", the new animated hit "A Toy Story: No Listening To No Command", and Quentin Tarantino's homage to the old West Coast cinema "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" is starting this Thursday.


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