The reboot of Resident Evil in theaters will return to the roots of the games

copyrightThe reboot of Resident Evil in theaters will return to the roots of the games

The next Resident Evil-based movie will follow the videogame line more than all the previous ones according to its director.

We already knew that Resident Evil would be restarted in terms of film saga. However, we can now say that this reboot will mean not only a restart of what was seen in the previous one but also a return to the roots of what were the first video games of the Capcom franchise. That is, on the one hand, it will look more like games than any other previous movie, and on the other, it will be darker and more terrifying as well.

In fact, it has been the director of the reboot, Johannes Roberts, who has confirmed that it will be so. Everything, following an interview for the ScreenRant media in which he has ensured that development is going well: "We are currently in active development. I made a proposal and they loved it. So we are preparing now."

As for that return to the roots, this is what he said: "It's great. It's going to be very scary. It's super-terrifying. And it's going back to the roots of the video game. I think for now I can't say much more about this. But It is going to be very fun.".

Of course, interesting news for all those who had doubts about what the director intended to do, whose premieres are usually successful but not always to the public's liking.

In any case, next January it will have been three years since the last film based on this saga of Capcom, and the truth is that fans were tired of that very different approach. Somehow it had come to the depletion of a formula, as happened with the games after the launch of Resident Evil 6. What do you think? Do you like the new approach?


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