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That Alexandre Aja has the movies of putting scares and suspense, although the argument is random, we all know it. And the truth is that it does nothing wrong. From Piranha 3D, through Horns, The Resurrection of Louis Drax or Campfire Creepers: The Skull of Sam has shown some experience in making us jump in the armchair. Now he returns with Hell underwater ... and we can say that he has managed to look at the big screen between the fingers of our hand. It is certainly the summer scare and action movie.

Crawl (2019) – Official Trailer

It goes without saying that the title they have chosen in the Spanish version does not do justice to the film, and that is a shame. Its real name is Crawl, which refers to both the swimming modality and the English verb: to crawl. And it came as a ring to the finger, but again we have the distributors doing theirs with the names.

Anyway, let's head to the argument. Underwater hell puts us in the shoes of a professional swimmer who looks a bit frustrated with the subject. We already have the Cotilla hook that characterizes us and we want to know the reason for that situation. She is training while everyone is alert for a hurricane in the area. Her sister, worried that her father shows no signs of life, decides to convey that concern. Obviously neither short nor lazy, he goes headlong to look for his old house, although they have evacuated the entire area and the police do not let him pass. Of course not before picking up the family's dog (Sugar, who deserves an Oscar) and taking it with her.

All this ranting because of course, the father and daughter do not speak. To the rich family drama in the middle of the hurricane. Thanks to music and sound and visual effects, from the beginning we are already drowning.

And that's great. I explain myself: we all knew what we were coming for. A hurricane in the making and you take and go straight to him, with an adorable dog to save your father that obviously, something has happened to him ... well, you're not breathing, of course. If you can see it in 4DX, you are going to come back home. The shower that falls and looks like the clouds already prepare you for the worst. But on entering the house begins to see that something is happening. His father's things are scattered as if he had been fixing a pipe. Thanks to the dog, he discovers that he had to get into the basement of the house. Not just any basement, if not a house near a swamp. A claustrophobic full of mud and very short. Party insured, chupi.

When the dog stays at the top of the stairs, barking ... and the porta begins to see traces of blood you know it's time to grab the machetes. The father is unconscious and very hurt and when you think she is going to save him ... boom. The true protagonist goes into action. A giant alligator goes out to greet, breaking the stairs (only escape route) and causing father and daughter to go back to the only safe place behind some pipes.

From here all the factors mentioned above come into play in a beautiful synchronized swimming dance: the hurricane does its own thing and does not let it flood, flooding the basement. Not only is there an alligator ... there are two waiting for their prey. Any living being loitering in the house is devoured in a matter of seconds and with great detail before the hysterical look of father and daughter. And to all this the dog is safe but you know that for a short time and that is what really worries you as a spectator.

Faced with such a situation, the burden is continuous. The sustazos make you bounce in the armchair, and the ruthless scenes with the alligators giving a feast are simply great. The music, vital in this type of film, has its own soul appearing and disappearing like predators ... leaving you alone with your breath shortly awaiting the fright that will lift you back from the chair.

Luckily Alexandre Aja knows very well what is done and has left the father-daughter drama as anecdotal but perfectly spun. He, divorced, returned to his old house because he refuses to part with his memories. She was very close to her father who was her coach but now separated from him because of how she has managed to break up with her mother. The frustration of a high competition swimmer who blocks mentally, the father who always saw how good she is and bet on her. Mogollón of broken and torn members and many hungry alligators (flashback to the “alligator farm” sign she passed on the road when she came to the rescue). Of course, someone explains to me how they were so silly not to break the basement ceiling from the beginning ... and not go straight to the roof. But of course, we run out of half a movie.

Of course, don't pretend that this movie will break your brain or move you until you cry. We all know that hurricane + alligators + swimmer equals action, blood and scares. Piranha, Sharknado, and Shark have already prepared us for it. And we love it, let's be honest. If you look for something deeper, you can always see Tarantino. Here we have come to see alligators with bad milk, and that is what we are going to have.

Refreshing, entertaining and straight to the point. This is Hell underwater. With a Kaya Scodelario that goes everywhere in his role, and an Anson Boon who is his perfect counterpoint and companion for this underwater function. Special mention to the dog Sugar, which is to play very dirty with the spectators that we will be more distressed by him than by all other humans. The special effects are perfect without being outstanding, with some planes worth mentioning. If you want action, this is your movie. And it does not disappoint.


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