First, look at Kristen Stewart in the action thriller 'Underwater'

copyrightFirst, look at Kristen Stewart in the action thriller 'Underwater'

The film will arrive in theaters on January 10, 2020.

After filming ended almost three years ago, Underwater the film starring Kristen Stewart will be released on January 10, 2020, in movie theaters. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we can take the first look at the actress in a kind of astronaut costume for the movie.

Defined as "very dark and scary" by its protagonist, the long directed by Will Eubank follows the life of a group of scientists led by the character of Stewart, Norah, who after a devastating earthquake will have to live together and face the threats that they are waiting for you from that moment altogether.

Underwater | Official Trailer

Basically, it's like a survival movie about a group of people who don't know each other, and the strange, sometimes existential, conversations that occur, and the strange relationships that form very quickly between them [Stewart]

For the actress, this project has been one of the most difficult to date due to her physical and acting demands: “I have not made a film of this scale, perhaps never. It was not an easy movie to make, ”the actress assured EW. One of the 'handicaps' for the interpreter was the outfit she used in the length, since “they were very heavy”, added to the actress acknowledging that she is not a “good swimmer”.

I don't think any of us in the movie - except maybe Vincent [Cassel], who is like a fucking wild banshee - really knew what we were getting into. And that's where there is some comedy in the movie sometimes; In the most terrible situations, one laughs at a funeral. That's what it feels like to make the movie too [Stewart]

The rest of the cast is completed by Vincent Cassel (Black Swan), Jessica Henwick (Iron Fist), T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley) and Mamoudou Athie (The Circle). Until the date of its premiere arrives, on these lines do not miss the Los Angeles trailer of Charlie, the new film starring Stewart and that arrives in theaters on November 29.


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